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NFT Brands Inc. - A Beverly Hills Dream Team Developing the NFT & Metaverse Space Infrastructure at a World-Class Pace

Sunday, February 6, 2022 7:50 PM

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / February 6, 2022 / Blockchain technology enables the mapping of currency in the digital world and has resulted in the creation of a series of fungible cryptocurrencies, which has sparked a surge in cryptocurrency investment in recent years. The emergence of non-fungible tokens (NFT), on the other hand, allows us to envision the prospect of mapping the entire Real-world.

Apart from the currency, most objects in the real world are one-of-a-kind with distinct characteristics and values. The characteristics of NFT can perfectly adapt to this circumstance and realize the tokenization of different objects in the digital world. By leveraging the qualities of blockchain to be tamper-proof, open, transparent, and traceable, NFT maps the real world into the digital world and builds up the long-awaited Utopia-the Metaverse.

As any new era of technology begins its evolutionary life cycle, the expectations of drama and controversy often reveal themselves early. The beginning of 2022 has already displayed how vibrant and frenetic NFT Brands Inc. will be as the feedback & services shows the global interest of this company. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and altcoins all gave up their large 2021 gains in January due to inflation fears and greater crypto regulatory headwinds, while Open Sea, the NFT exchange, announced a $13 billion valuation following a fresh round of funding.

NFT Brands Inc. is a Beverly Hills, California, based company that is a turn-key provider specialized in partnering with brands, celebrities, and key public figures to develop and launch custom innovative NFT & Metaverse projects. These are the entrepreneurs that derived from a fast-paced global IT corporate solutions background & have been participating through investments in the blockchain & crypto space for several years. One day, the evolution of NFT's happened.

Per our interview with the Founder & CEO of NFT Brands Inc, "Noah Loul", stated, "NFT Brands Inc. is not just a brand, this is a large global team working around the clock to add value to this sector with intelligent minds that share our vision to build the infrastructures of the NFT world as well as solving & bridging assets in the future using NFT's through our old school internet, Web3 & Metaverse technologies.

NFT Brands Inc. covers the areas with its versatile skill like:

• NFT Design

• Blockchain Intelligence

• Community Management

• New Use-Cases Research & Development

• Market Research using Artificial Intelligence

• Successful ROI Management

The biggest hurdles for the digital world of 2022 are scalability, in the form of computing power and interoperability between discrete metaverses, and security. Both of which are typical for emerging technologies. The bigger the corporate plans for the digital world, the more computing power we'll need. As more brands leverage NFTs to build their communities in virtual worlds and as more consumers follow them in, technological and physical infrastructure moves into the foreground of the metaverse landscape. The motto of NFT Brands Inc. is taking your brand to the next level. And holding this strategy the company warmly wishes to its partners.

Contact: Amanda Thompson
Email: [email protected]
Cell: +1 (323) 776-4031

SOURCE: NFT Brands Inc.

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