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ICICB Group Sets Its Sights on Developing Digital Banking in Brazil

Friday, 28 January 2022 10:30 AM

As part of its effort to expand the digital economy, the ICICB Group, a banking and investment services organization, aims to open a digital bank in Brazil. Digital banking will benefit the population, enabling digital rather than physical transactions.

DUBAI, UAE / ACCESSWIRE / January 28, 2022 / The Group has a long track record of generating revolutionary new businesses and propositions with rigorous discipline and pace, spanning the entire scope of possibilities, from initial strategy to technical development.

ICICB Group, Friday, January 28, 2022, Press release picture

This new phase of innovation and reliability will support the nation's top institutions and industries to promote business. The public will benefit from easy, fast, and secure fund collection globally. The anticipated launch date is the second half of 2022. "Everything is currently on or ahead of schedule. We estimate our teams will complete all active projects in the Digital Banking Ecosystem," said ICICB Group CEO.

In its digital banking vision, the Group is committed to developing technology-oriented models that reflect the transformation of the digital world. The Company will also offer tailored financial services to clients who require a competitive approach and diversification to meet their digital objectives.

The Group plans to offer a full spectrum of services in Brazil, initially starting with conversion of balance from one fiat currency to another, crypto exchange, decentralized crypto wallet, and potential investments in prosperous products. The proposed outline includes high levels of process automation and web-based services, along with APIs that will facilitate composition of cross-institutional products and transactions. Businesses can use big data and AI to better estimate future trends and changes, as well as better understand the motivations and aspirations of their ideal customers.

The Group has exhibited tremendous development in banking and financial services during the pandemic, leveraging its extensive experience and innovative technology implementation and setting the benchmark in the economic system.

ICICB Group uses its expertise in the global investment and labor markets to help clients and partners reach their full potential. The Group pairs its core business in banking, financial sectors, and large-scale projects with innovative technology deployment. The Group integrates practical content, real-time projects, and valid insights from across the industry to simplify digital transformation and accelerate their clients' efforts.

The Company also provides financial and banking services to countries worldwide, including the United States, Switzerland, Brazil, Russia, Spain, Germany, and Australia. The Group also recognizes the value of collaboration, which has resulted in the formation of several partnerships, associations, and alliances that allowed expansion into blockchain technology, healthcare, water, education, tourism, finance, industrial efforts, and a variety of other fields. The Group is focused on creating value through a long-term commitment and approach. By obtaining deep insights into markets and sectors and building long-term business models, it maintains a steady development vision.

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