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Qilindo, an Online Platform for Investors and Entrepreneurs, Launches Beta Version of its Social Network

Tuesday, January 25, 2022 7:00 AM

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL / ACCESSWIRE / January 25, 2022 /, the social network for investors and entrepreneurs, is announcing the launch of a beta version of its platform, which serves as a stage for startups to promote and present their businesses in order to connect with investors and other collaborators.

QILINDO, Tuesday, January 25, 2022, Press release picture

"Qilindo is a worldwide network for startups where any businessperson can view and/or present pitch documents, such as an explainer video, one-pager, or company presentation. We help startups improve their success rate by redesigning these materials in the most professional manner, maximizing their odds to find the right funding," said Qilindo founder and entrepreneur Benron Manoah. "Qilindo was born from the idea that every entrepreneur deserves an equal opportunity to properly present their startup to as many investors as possible in order to improve the chances for an investment that also provides add-on value."

Qilindo allows direct communication between investors and startups and does not take any fees or commissions. Qilindo lets the two parties create the deal that best suits them on their terms and conditions.

The Qilindo social network allows investors to easily screen and find their best-suited investment opportunities while saving time and money. Once they find a startup that piques their interest, they can contact the founder directly, with no costs or commissions, to discuss an investment.

The goal is to create mutual success between founders and investors.

According to Manoah, investors currently need to rely largely on analysts or their own judgment to assess the rate of success of a startup, which leads to many missed opportunities. In addition, he said, many startups fail when they are unable to expand their network beyond their capabilities.

Using the Qilindo platform, investors can browse through startups and screen them efficiently, thus saving them time, money, and aggravation from irrelevant meetings. Furthermore, investors won't need to rely solely on their analysts or intuition when assessing an opportunity.

All one needs to do is register as an investor and set up their profile preferences; investors will then receive a flow of startups that are prioritized to their preferences, allowing the startups to be filtered even more thoroughly. Once registered, investors see that each startup profile features the best match compatibility and "Q Points," a score affected by multiple components, including both company attributes and crowdsourced wisdom. Opportunities with a higher score mean a higher success probability.

QILINDO, Tuesday, January 25, 2022, Press release picture

"Investors usually have a very methodical screening process that causes them to miss out on great opportunities. If startups present themselves correctly, they might be able to close deals," Manoah said.

"Think about how many potential unicorns are being overlooked while investors are missing out on good opportunities," Manoah added. "We aim to change this. The entire process needs to be revamped. It's a lot of wasted time and opportunities."

Qilindo provides startups with exposure on a global scale, which increases their chance of finding the right investor, and assistance in showcasing them in a professional way. Qilindo redesigns the company's presentation and creates a one-pager and explainer video.

For an entrepreneur to raise $1 million or more in the first round of fundraising, it can take 40 or 50 meetings with investors and examples abound of successful companies that were turned down multiple times.

Adaptive Insights, which was bought in 2018 by Workday for $1.55 billion, was turned down for funding by at least 70 VCs. Plated, which was initially turned down by 200 investors before getting a yes, was sold for $300 million.

Only the severely determined have the stamina for this, Manoah said.

Now, with the platform's beta launch, Qilindo will use the "wisdom of the crowd," as well as its own technology, to rate startups, in addition to providing users with a "match compatibility" representing a joint-success probability. It also allows startups to get exposure to a global network of investors and allows investors to find the most ideal opportunities that suit them.

"Everything we do, every innovation we invent, every feature we create, is all in an effort to allow both sides, investors and entrepreneurs, to succeed. That's why our business model is unique," Manoah said. "That's why everyone on our team goes above and beyond to help in the most professional way. And, that's why we'll continue to do everything in our power to change the statistics, break the status quo and create a new and improved way of startup investments."

For more information about Qilindo or to sign up for the platform, visit

Press Contact: [email protected]

SOURCE: Qilindo

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