Nationwide Electronics Recycler R2 Recycling Announces its Equipment Pick-Up Service
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Nationwide Electronics Recycler R2 Recycling Announces its Equipment Pick-Up Service

Sunday, January 23, 2022 3:00 AM
R2 Recycling

R2 Recycling provides a valuable service to clients who need to recycle equipment regularly throughout the year, helping to promote environmental safety and data security.

BOSTON, MA / ACCESSWIE / Accesswire / January 23, 2022 / As the economy recovers and gradually returns to a semblance of normalcy, companies may find the task of packing & dropping off their outdated electronics to be overwhelming. Fortunately, R2 Recycling (located on Summer Street in Boston, MA and working with a nationwide network of recycling partners) offers a simple & convenient pick up option enabling these companies to keep their focus on daily business operations. All one needs to do is contact R2 Recycling via phone or e-mail to arrange for a timely electronics pickup.

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If your company consistently recycles a large volume of electronics throughout the year, R2 Recycling's drop-off container program may be the ideal option for you. If your company does not have the necessary outdoor space for a container or if you are recycling smaller volumes of electronics at various intervals, a pick-up service is likely the way to go.

The data destruction process ensures that all information will be permanently destroyed and cannot be accessed by hackers and other bad actors. This is especially important for companies that have their clients' sensitive personal, financial, and health data stored on their devices.

After a US Department of Defense standard wipe or physical destruction of hard drives has been completed, the process of recycling can begin. Every component part that can be used again is removed and set aside. This includes metals like gold, copper, & titanium, along with glass and some plastics. Heavy metals like lead and cadmium are also removed and carefully disposed of to prevent environmental contamination.

To accomplish the safe recycling of this equipment, R2 Recycling works with firms across the country that follow the R2 standard which emphasizes the importance of both employee & environmental safety during their recycling practices.

Proper recycling of old computers and electronic equipment is not only the right thing to do with regards to the environment and worker safety - it is also the law in the majority of the country. Some cities have also added their own laws intended to ensure correct electronic equipment recycling. Companies that do not adhere to regulations on electronics recycling may be subject to fines & potential legal action.

R2 Recycling also offers collection events, drop-off container service, and recycling for batteries, lamps, and ballasts. Recycling these accessories and related materials is vital for the health of our shared environment.

The laws on the books governing electronics recycling were set up to ensure public safety and reduce the likelihood of soil & water streams becoming contaminated. Working with a qualified recycler can help your company stay in legal compliance and fulfill its obligations to our planet.

About R2 Recycling:

We provide a host of convenient services that can help your company safely recycle unwanted electronics, including computers, smartphones, monitors, lamps, ballasts, and batteries. We have nationwide coverage, and we are prepared to help your company clear space for new acquisitions and keep your operations running efficiently.

Contact Information:

R2 Recycling
Serving the United States
Phone: (866) 509-7267

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