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James Novello Launches Blog

Monday, 24 January 2022 03:00 AM

The San Francisco-based life and resiliency coach is excited to debut a new web-based journal from which he will communicate his ideas and experiences to the world.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / January 24, 2022 / It is with great pride and pleasure that professional life and resiliency coach and former SFFD paramedic and firefighter James Novello announces he will be launching a new blog, bolstered by two inaugural entries that have already been written. The web-based journal will be hosted by a well-known online platform, and will primarily deal with matters relating to first responders and health and wellness, subjects with which James is well-acquainted. Topics discussed pertain to life and resiliency coaching, such as mindfulness, which is one of his current areas of professional expertise.

James Novello, Monday, January 24, 2022, Press release picture

In the latest blog entry, which is titled James Novello Shares the Top Online Resources for First Responders, James addresses the often forgotten truth that, due to the nature of their professions, police, firefighters, and paramedics are exposed to far more mental and physical stress than people with ordinary jobs. "First responders have some of the most difficult jobs in existence. They are often present during the worst moments of a person's life and witness the horror that accompanies such moments," he writes, before giving a short rundown of some of the more helpful digital resources available to emergency service workers. James takes special note of the First Responder Support Network, which he explains "provides outreach to families and first responders, including in-person training, videos, audio, and directories of clinicians experienced in working with first responders. FRSN provides a great deal of family support, recognizing that families also experience stress and upheaval when a first responder in their household is suffering from the effects of the job."

In the preceding blog entry, which is titled James Novello Shares the Importance of Mindfulness for Overall Wellbeing, James outlines the numerous advantages that accompany mindfulness, which is the practice of accepting thoughts and feelings as they occur, rather than trying to change the way the mind responds. In one illuminating passage, James Novello describes how the two fundamental building blocks of mindfulness are an intense awareness of one's surroundings and a mindset firmly anchored in the present. "The participant should get in touch with their senses, tracking what they can taste, touch, smell, see, and hear through guided imagery, breathing techniques, or other procedures to relax the body and mind. This helps to ground the participant in their surroundings and provides a concrete base for their meditation rather than dwelling in the future or past," he writes, adding, "With mindfulness, the participant is in the moment and becomes incredibly aware of what they are sensing and feeling, but without judging or attempting to interpret these feelings and senses. This works toward the achievement of self-awareness. Distancing themselves from their feelings and thoughts can enable them to be objective while they process them. Awareness can be the first step toward breaking out negative thought patterns, allowing people to focus on the positive."

Anyone curious to read the full text of these entries is encouraged to keep watch for the premiere of the blog in the early weeks of January 2022. Anyone interested in learning more about James Novello is encouraged to read an in-depth interview he gave to a noted online periodical that concentrates on matters of business and entrepreneurship, or visit his account on Facebook.

About James Novello:

James Novello is a life and resiliency coach hailing from San Francisco, California. While in college, he began his career as a volunteer for the local fire department, eventually being hired full time for SFFD after graduating and expanding his professional purview to include emergency medical response as a paramedic. During the course of his career, he earned many additional certifications to help with critical incident response. Unfortunately, after many on-the-job injuries, James Novello had to confront the reality that he couldn't maintain the demands of being a professional full-time paramedic, and he ultimately had to leave the career he thought he would have for the rest of his working life. While recovering from injuries on modified duty, he was assigned to SFFD's peer support unit within the fire department. It was that initial exposure to this work that eventually gave him the inspiration to pursue a career as life and resiliency coach.

Contact Information:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 415-915-9544

SOURCE: James Novello

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