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Antonio Velardo Identifies the Crypto Projects to Watch in 2022

Tuesday, 18 January 2022 11:50 AM

An accomplished early Bitcoin and Ethereum adopter and evangelist, Venture Capitalist, and options trader, Antonio Velardo examines the most promising crypto projects of the new year.

MIAMI, FL / ACCESSWIRE / January 18, 2022 / A native of Naples, Italy, Antonio Velardo brings an international point of view to his diverse business and investment ventures. He is an experienced Venture Capitalist and options trader as well as an early Bitcoin and Ethereum adopter who has grown his passion and knowledge after pursuing the Blockchain Strategy Programme at Oxford University and a Master's degree in Digital Currency at Nicosia University.

Although the cryptocurrency market raged bullishly throughout 2021, indications for 2022 are currently mixed.

Antonio expressed his thoughts about what he thinks is currently changing in the cryptocurrency space. He said that before, Bitcoin and Etherum were dictating the market trends. However, Antonio Velardo believes that Bitcoin is currently being disrupted, and the Ethereum network is at a point where it could get a massive competitive advantage or fail with the Eth2 network upgrade. If Ethereum 2.0 fails it will get disrupted by others that would bootstrap the success of Ether making it lose market cap against new blockchains.

The experienced investor emphasizes that even though he doesn't know what is going to happen with Ethereum 2.0 he believes that neither Bitcoin or Ether will keep the same leadership in terms of solely dictating the bullish or bearish markets by themselves as they previously did. Antonio Velardo thinks that the alpha relies on identifying the projects that are not fully priced in yet at their real potential by spotting the new layer 1 and layer 2 blockchains that will eventually start to gain market share over Bitcoin and Ethereum.

When asked about which blockchain projects are under Velardo's watch, he mentioned some interesting bets. He believes that projects of the likes of Avalanche network, Phantom, Graph, Near Protocol, and Luna of which he says that even when currently fully priced in, these projects are worth keeping an eye on as they have great potential for the future.

One special project Antonio Velardo has recently invested in is Chainlink as their decentralized oracle networks supply the data to hold up ultra-modern smart contracts on any blockchain and this will have a great effect on the economy of the crypto space. Velardo promised to abund more about this on his personal blog later on this week.

If you are not well documented about the crypto space, here we mention four of the most famous blockchain projects so far.

1. Ethereum

According to market cap, the second-largest cryptocurrency in the world, Ethereum continues to rise dramatically in terms of both value and popularity. Currently, its influence on the digital currency market outpaces the leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. The Ethereum blockchain platform supports more than 40 of today's top 100 digital monetary tokens.

Ethereum is also poised for extensive optimization and expansion. Phase two of its 2.0 upgrade should be completed before the end of 2022, and the final phase of this upgrade is scheduled to roll out in 2023. Coming on the heels of a 450% increase in value last year, these future upgrades herald great things for Ethereum.

2. Solana

Antonio Velardo knows that Solana ranks high on many experts' lists of cryptocurrencies to watch for a good reason. Investors in this digital token received an incredible return of roughly 12,650% in 2021.

The benefits of Solana are both numerous and significant. It not only boasts relatively low transaction costs of approximately $0.00025, but its blockchain is extremely fast, processing as many as 65,000 transactions each second. For these reasons and others, Solana currently ranks fifth among the most valuable cryptocurrencies in the world.

3. Bitcoin

Since spearheading the entire cryptocurrency revolution upon its launch in 2009, Bitcoin has remained the most popular and most valuable digital token on the cryptocurrency market. Because of the weight, it carries as the "original crypto," its fate is closely tied to the crypto market as a whole. Bitcoin's price fluctuations tend to ripple across all primary digital tokens.

4. Avalanche

Far smaller than the other cryptocurrencies on this list, Avalanche is the fastest blockchain currency that supports smart contracts. Like Solana, Avalanche has achieved success as an alternative to Ethereum. However, Avalanche is currently generating more dApp (decentralized application) revenue than Solana.


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