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Arthur Freydin Discusses Top Changes in Facebook Marketing in 2021

Monday, January 17, 2022 10:00 AM
Tandem Marketing

Arthur Freydin looks at major shifts in the Facebook ad space in 2021 and discusses their impact on ads and small businesses.

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / January 17, 2022 / Facebook made big news throughout 2021. From the change to the corporate name of Meta to exposés and hearings, many of the major headlines had trickle-down effects on advertising options or will have in the near future. Arthur Freydin, performance marketing specialist, also advises ad options and features expanded in positive ways for businesses.

Arthur Freydin looks at top changes at Meta


Reels launched on Instagram in the third quarter of 2021 and provided an opportunity for the platform to piggyback on TikTok's popularity. Over the past year, using reels for Instagram ads expanded to all ad customers, and reels also appeared on the Facebook platform. The expansion of new ad options on Facebook is expected in this area in 2022.

Ad targeting shifts

In late 2021, Meta announced a major update to ad targeting for 2022. In response to criticism related to targeting keywords, Meta plans to remove numerous options from its keywords in 2022. These changes are designed to prevent advertisers from targeting users in categories aligning with many protected classes as determined by U.S. government programs. Arthur Freydin advises these include race, ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation. Expanded categories are health, political affiliation and more.

Expanded shop ads on Instagram

The popular shop tab on Instagram now serves ads according to Arthur Freydin. For small businesses with an in-demand product, exposure on the shop tab provides an opportunity to connect with customers already expressing a high desire to buy. This expansion follows several other new ad placement options in 2021, including in the explore section and the previously discussed expansion of reel ads to all users.

WhatsApp gets connected

Additional integration of Meta's WhatsApp continued in 2021 with new call-to-action buttons appearing in key locations on Instagram, per Arthur Freydin. Businesses with a WhatsApp account can add the number to Instagram and implement a messaging option on ads. For users who prefer to take messaging off Instagram, it's an additional point of connection.

Social issue ad shifts

Previously, products and services with a connection to a social issue were required to move through the same authorization process advocacy groups use. This process ensures consumers receive key information about sponsorship and funding for ads influencing public opinion. Going forward, businesses selling merchandise or providing services alone can skip this authorization process if the intent of the product does not center around influencing public policy.

For example, t-shirts focused on environmental issues or healthcare from a marketing perspective versus a political perspective are exempt and do not require disclaimers. Expect bumpy implementation in this area.

Video changes

Outside of paid marketing efforts, Facebook Live, a primary marketing channel for many small businesses, unveiled enhanced moderation features for creators. Pre-emptive filtering options and comment settings made it possible to limit offensive and SPAM comments before going live. Filters include the ability to add select words, phrases, numbers and more, including alternate spellings of prohibited words.


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