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Sparta and Partners Boost Workplace Rapid Testing with Advanced Data Collection Platform and Decentralized Blockchain Technology

Friday, 14 January 2022 08:15 AM

Sparta Group

TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / January 14, 2022 / Along with partners Achu Health™ and ISDV Inc. (""), Sparta Group (TSX.V: SAY) (the "Corporation" the "Company", "Sparta Group", "Sparta Capital", "SAY.V" or "Sparta") is boosting its rapid testing program to provide workplaces with an easy, seamless, and secure way to trace cases of illness like COVID-19. Best described as an authenticated testing protocol, it's backed by decentralized blockchain technology that will allow for the capturing of ongoing test data on an employee's smartphone or other hand-held device with the highest level of security.

Various types of rapid tests can provide results within minutes, as opposed to days. They are less expensive than lab tests, most are more portable, as well as accessible to more people. Therefore, many airports, arenas and other public places around the world are turning to COVID-19 rapid testing as we try to fight our way out of the deadly pandemic. Sparta unveiled its workplace rapid testing program earlier last year to help employers and our economy. Now, this collaboration with partners Achu Health™ and is tackling the concerns many workplaces have about keeping close track of cases and ensuring rapid test results remain confidential. Sparta and Achu are now utilizing ISDV's expertise in blockchain technology to provide a more secure rapid testing protocol to various industry sectors.

"Data from around the World continues to emerge, demonstrating vaccinated individuals are just as likely to be contagious as non-vaccinated individuals, especially as new variants, such as the recently announced Omicron variant, continue to emerge. Unfortunately, it then stands to reason that using vaccination status alone as a measure of spread will continue to reduce the level of confidence in the masses. However, an individual knowing that they are not a carrier of harmful contagions instills confidence in both that individual and the people with whom he or she is interacting," said Sparta President, John O'Bireck.

Sparta's workplace rapid testing program will provide clients across North America with a consistent rapid-testing program for both their vaccinated and un-vaccinated employees, as well as enable them to track these activities while not compromising the privacy rights of their staff and sub-contractors. By adding the security measures, including decentralized blockchain, Sparta's rapid testing program means your data is under your control. Sparta believes their rapid testing program is immediately applicable to the industrial, commercial, retail, tourism, sports and recreation sectors, and is a perfect fit for the trucking industry.

"We wanted a platform that was easy and quick to use, but also made each person's test highly secure, so we took the extra steps to make decentralized blockchain part of our rapid testing solution. It stamps out fraud, while creating trust among users by instilling confidence that their personal data is available only to them and for only them to share with trusted recipients, thus usable by a myriad of industries and individuals," stated Tony Peticca, President and CEO of Achu Health.

Click here to learn how our rapid testing protocol with easy tracing and built-in decentralized blockchain technology works.

About Sparta

Sparta Group (a.k.a. Sparta Capital Ltd.) is a technology-based company that owns or holds a controlling interest in a network of independent businesses that supply energy saving technologies designed to reduce energy inefficiencies, achieve reduced emissions, and increase operating efficiencies in various industries. In response to the COVID-19 crisis, Sparta has also expanded its scope to help facilitate supply of necessary materials while assisting talented inventors who are looking to introduce innovative technical solutions that will bring greater normalcy to the post COVID-19 world. Sparta's network of independent businesses provides a wide range of specialized energy capturing, converting, optimizing, and related services to the commercial sector. Sparta provides capital, technical and engineering expertise, legal support, financial and accounting knowledge, strategic planning, and other shared services to its independent businesses. As Investors are increasingly applying non-financial factors to their analysis process (ESG), Sparta continues to strengthen its environmental and social path by adding new green products and services, as well as advanced health technologies for human good.

Sparta is a publicly traded company listed on the TSX Venture Exchange Inc. under the symbol "SAY" (TSX.V: SAY). Additional information is available at or on SEDAR at

For more information contact:
John O'Bireck, President & CTO
Email : [email protected]
Telephone : (905) 751-8004

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SOURCE: Sparta Group

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