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Autocar Reports Record-Breaking Year for "BADASS" Vocational Heavy-Duty OEM

Thursday, 13 January 2022 15:15

Autocar, LLC

Autocar experienced tremendous sales growth and launched two new severe-duty vocational truck models among the list of 2021 accomplishments.

BIRMINGHAM, AL / ACCESSWIRE / January 13, 2022 / Autocar LLC, proud manufacturer of severe-duty trucks carrying North America's oldest truck brand, today announced its record-breaking 2021. In addition to marking the brand's 124th year, the company's achievements include unprecedented sales, as well as new and innovative product offerings such as the launch of its DC-64 BADASS dump truck and its all-electric E-ACTT terminal tractor. Additionally, the company leveraged new partnership opportunities and maintained its manufacturing throughout this challenging year. The manufacturer of specialized severe-duty, custom-engineered Class 7 and Class 8 vocational trucks continues to focus on its customers' needs and vocations and is poised to reach new heights in 2022.

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The original equipment manufacturer (OEM), Autocar, exclusively focuses on building the best trucks for the vocational truck market and is the only 100% American-owned company that assembles all of its trucks in the USA. Autocar-brand trucks support critical American infrastructure sectors such as refuse, material handling, concrete and logistics.

Among many, some of Autocar's 2021 highlights include:

  • Introduced Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS) technology in its ACX severe-duty cabover refuse vehicles
  • Brought to market the E-ACTT, Autocar's first emissions-free, all-electric terminal tractor and the only OEM terminal tractor, with an OEM-developed electric vehicle system
  • Launched the nation's first BADASS dump truck, the DC-64D, delivered with the company's tagline: "Always Up"
  • Established the first and only national terminal tractor rental program for fleets with America Big Truck Rental
  • Donated a custom-engineered DC-64R refuse truck to the Environmental Research and Education Foundation in honor of industry leader, the late Mickey Flood
  • The DC-64D was named 2021 Contractors' Top 50 New Products by Equipment Today
  • Appointed the industry's first chief experience officer, Craig Antonucci
  • Received a trademark from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for BADASS
  • The DC-64D was named one of the top 2021 introductions by Heavy Equipment Guide.

"There is no other way to describe 2021 for Autocar other than BADASS. Our success is fueled by our efforts to provide our customers the very best vocational truck designed to do the jobs they need it to do," said Andrew Taitz, chairman of Autocar, LLC. "However, what I am most proud of is our team's tenacity and dedication. Even though we were hit with supply chain issues, we were one of the few OEMs that never stopped manufacturing and kept its entire team employed."

The nation's first and only BADASS dump truck

The Autocar DC-64D dump truck is the fourth Autocar DC-64 in the severe-duty Class 8 line. Autocar exclusively focuses on building the best trucks for the vocational truck market, which is why Autocar collaborated with key industry experts with more than 200 years of severe-duty truck experience to guide the DC-64D dump truck design. Configured with more than 100 improvements, the DC-64D is the best-designed dump truck in the industry and its strength and durability are unprecedented. Autocar's trucks are engineered with the highest level of integration in the industry and can handle the most challenging jobs. Autocar's DC-64D dump truck's features include:

  • Pre-engineered for seamless body integration to avoid significant structural modifications
  • Multiple Cummins engine options
  • Provides the industry's best performance, fuel economy and lower operating costs per mile backed by the best-in-class 24/7 direct factory support
  • Custom-built for the customer's vocational and site-specific needs

Autocar's E-ACTT, an emissions-free, all-electric terminal tractor

The purpose-built E-ACTT all-electric terminal tractor helps meet regulatory mandates for the vocational truck industry to reduce fuel consumption and to transition diesel trucks to zero-emission trucks in California. Autocar's E-ACTT is the only OEM terminal tractor with an OEM-developed electric vehicle system. Explicitly designed for spotting trailers and containers at distribution centers, warehouse/trucking yards, industrial operations, intermodal/rail terminals, and port terminals. Autocar's all-electric E-ACTT terminal tractor's features include:

  • Leading-edge temperature-controlled lithium-ion battery technology and onboard charging system
  • An electric powertrain with telemetry/diagnostic systems designed specifically for severe-duty application by Vorza
  • Advanced monitoring systems and innovative telematics in every environmentally friendly unit
  • Custom-built for the customer's vocational and site-specific needs

The nation's first fleet of refuse cab over engine (COE) trucks featuring Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Autocar ACX sets a new standard for refuse drivers, customers and communities with its ADAS safety-enhancing features, which include:

  • Advanced Emergency Braking System
  • Forward Collision Warning
  • Stationary Merge Assistant
  • Blind Spot Detection
  • Electronic Stability Controls
  • Rollover Stability Controls

"Autocar has an established reputation for innovation and leads the pack in heavy-duty vocational trucks. We will continue to strive to be the industry leader and are going full throttle into 2022, developing new strategies and even more innovations. Stay tuned," said Taitz.

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Autocar, LLC, manufacturer of severe-duty vocational trucks carrying the first specialized truck brand in North America, is the only American-owned and operated original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of trucks. Autocar's severe-duty vocational trucks provide customers the perfect tool for their jobs with the most uptime, support and impact on their bottom line. Autocar collaborates with customers to build trucks to their exact specifications and needs. Autocar's purpose-built severe-service truck lines include ACMD and ACX cab-over trucks, the ACTT and its all-electric E-ACTT terminal tractors and the DC-64 Class 8 work trucks. Autocar Truck recognizes that performance and uptime are everything and offers every customer 24/7 access to its Always Up direct factory support center staffed by expert technicians who engineer and build Autocar's trucks. Autocar promises to provide trucks that deliver the best value, provide the best service, provide a complete solution for customers' needs, do the work right the first time and act proactively, timely and with simplicity. For more information on Autocar Truck, visit, or call 833-857-0200.


Tonie Auer, TrizCom PR on behalf of Autocar Trucks
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Jo Trizila, TrizCom PR on behalf of Autocar Trucks
Email: [email protected]
Office: 972-247-1369
Cell: 214-232-0078

SOURCE: Autocar, LLC

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