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"Breaking Orbit" Named the Lead Story of November 2021, Shows Leaders at Established Companies How They Can Still Change the Game

Wednesday, January 12, 2022 10:03 AM
Business Advancement Inc.

GLEN ROCK, NJ / ACCESSWIRE / January 12, 2022 / Success is great, but it can also trap pharmaceutical organizations in the "orbit" of the status quo, points out the lead story in the November 2021 issue of Pharmaceutical Executive entitled "Breaking Orbit."

The COVID-19 pandemic has driven the pharmaceutical industry to heroic levels of innovation to bring game-changing therapeutics to life. But in the absence of a compelling emergency, what type of leadership does it take to break through the constraints of success to reimagine what's possible?

Authors Pamela S. ("Pam") Harper, Founder/CEO, and D. Scott Harper, PhD., Senior Partner of Business Advancement Inc. (BAI), share that their article (recently noted as a "Lead Story" in Pharmaceutical Executive's newsletter) draws upon experiences they've had advising leaders of some of the world's top pharmaceutical companies who have successfully faced this very issue.

The authors write "While a visionary CEO may feel very excited and engaged by the prospect of game-changing innovation and transformation for growth, many hidden issues can block bringing the vision to life, even when they have best practices in place. This dynamic can leave the company open to disruption from competitors with new technology and business models." As one CEO shared with the authors, "I stay up nights thinking about how to keep our organization from becoming complacent about our success."

BAI, a strategic growth advisory firm, specializes in helping leaders such as this navigate the paradoxical issues of moving from a comfortable status quo into promising-but uncharted-territory.

"When I speak to CEO, C-Suite and Board audiences across industries, I find that stories illustrating the power of embracing leadership paradoxes resonate deeply with them," said Pam, who spoke at TEDx LakeShoreDriveWomen (Chicago) on December 6, 2021.

The authors also describe what they call the "Three ‘Growth Igniters®' Paradoxes" that tend to naturally emerge when visionary leaders move to escape the forces of their status quo to break into uncharted territory:

  • The Visionary's Paradox: The bolder the vision, the stronger the pushback
  • The Success Paradox: The stronger the push toward new paths to growth, the stronger the pull of the status quo
  • The Momentum Paradox: The organization that accelerates momentum for growth also creates friction

They explain, "Because these issues usually occur together, like a knot, they can often seem mysterious and persistent. To untangle the knot, it's important to understand each paradox and its unique impact on leading your organization and its various stakeholders to pursue game-changing innovation, transformation and growth."

As the authors write, "The biggest factor that will help or hinder your ability to ‘be the disruptor and not the disrupted' is not external market or economic factors; it's your ability to lead your organization to find hidden opportunities to break free of the status quo in every situation. Embracing the conflicting truths of the three Growth Igniters Paradoxes on an ongoing basis can help you and your team lead your company to break free of the constraints of your successful status quo. This can enable you to stay relevant to customers and other stakeholders and keep creating value for tomorrow, starting today."

The full article is available to read online here:

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The authors also host the popular business and leadership podcast, Growth Igniters Radio with Pam Harper & Scott Harper®. Twice a month, a new episode focuses on sparking fresh insights, inspiration, and immediately useful ideas to help you and your organization accelerate to your next level of innovation, transformation, and growth in the rapidly changing world. Listen for free:

About the Authors

Pamela S. ("Pam") Harper is a keynote speaker, author, and Founding Partner / CEO of Business Advancement Inc. (BAI), a strategic growth advisory firm in the New York City metro area. She has been quoted, featured, and written articles for business media including Business Week, Investor's Business Daily, Pharmaceutical Executive,, and other major media. Her critically acclaimed book, Preventing Strategic Gridlock®, has been read in universities around the world. Pam is also host of the podcast series Growth Igniters Radio with Pam Harper & Scott Harper®.

D. Scott Harper Ph.D. joined BAI as Senior Partner after an award-winning corporate career leading innovation teams for beloved brands such as Listerine® and Purell®. He is co-host of the Growth Igniters® Radio podcast and has been published and quoted in prominent business media outlets as well as in scientific journals.

Media contact: Ken Lizotte, [email protected]

SOURCE: Business Advancement Inc.

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