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Paul Inouye Discusses Benefits of an Active Lifestyle as an Investment Banker

Monday, 10 January 2022 05:05 PM

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PORTOLA VALLEY, CA / ACCESSWIRE / January 10, 2022 / Paul Inouye, the founder, and CEO of Western Hills Partners believes a strong, active lifestyle is critical to his successes as an investment banker.

Paul Inouye has spent over 30 years as a technology investment banker. Much goes into that success, including an active lifestyle. An avid cyclist, runner, swimmer, and skier, he spends time every week remaining as active as possible. That may be the secret behind his long history of success in the field.

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Finding Focus in Times of Stress

Paul Inouye is the first to discuss his passion for fitness. "I was born in San Francisco and grew up with two brothers. I played both high school and collegiate rugby and completed The Vineman Ironman, the Vineman Half Ironman, the Hawaiian Half Ironman, and NYC Marathon." His passion for fitness isn't just about staying fit and healthy, though. It's also a way for him to work through stress and best manage complicated projects.

Paul Inouye has had plenty of intense moments in his decades of history including working at Robertson Stephens, Morgan Stanley, Moelis & Company, and now with his own company, Western Hills Partners. No matter how much there is to do in a day to best manage his company, finding time to go for a run keeps him in the best possible shape physically and mentally.

"Living an active lifestyle takes persistence and commitment, critical skills for any successful business owner. Without the ability to commit to yourself and maintain your health, it's impossible to hold such commitments to others including the people working for you," states Paul Inouye. "While fitness doesn't come before business-related commitments, it provides an outlet for burning off stress, focusing attention, and weighing the pros and cons of any decision long before having to make it."

Paul Inouye and the Science Behind Stress Relief

There is science behind it and It's this science that enables Paul Inouye to achieve success. The stress hormone works to hyper-focus the brain and body on resolving a stressful situation. It's the flight or fight decision. Yet, in today's world, that high-stress level typically remains constant due to the constant influx of information and demands for attention. One way to alleviate some of that is by moving the body. The act of exercise helps to burn off the presence of these hormones in the bloodstream, allowing a person to focus more effectively. "Working as a technology investment banker is a complex thing - it takes a lot of decision making, insights into various components of the operation, and being able to carefully read people all of whom are invested in the success of the business in different ways. By getting in exercise on a routine basis, it's possible to work out some of that stress in a meaningful way, allowing me to have better clarity where it matters," Paul Inouye says.

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