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Eddie Sitt Takes a Closer Look at Wizard Research's Patented Dry Eye Mask Product

Monday, 10 January 2022 11:25

Wizard Research Laboratories

The Technology Behind the Wizard Research Laboratories Dry Eye Mask: CEO Eddie Sitt Discusses the Details

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / January 10, 2022 / As much as half of the world's population suffers from symptoms of dry eyes. Eddie Sitt, CEO of Wizard Research Laboratories, discusses how the Dry Eye Mask can alleviate irritation without the need for artificial tears or compresses.

The Dry Eye Mask from Wizard Research Laboratories has already received several patents for its breakthrough technology. Its targeted heat therapy has shown remarkable promise for addressing the root problem of dry eyes. CEO Eddie Sitt discusses the details of the device and how a study of 1,000 people helped reveal its potential.

When people think about dry eyes, they might think about a lack of natural tear production. If the eyes are unable to water, dryness and irritation would seem to be a relative byproduct. However, the truth is that a lack of tears isn't the full extent of the issue.

The Dry Eye Mask is an electric-heated device that specifically targets the meibomian gland. This gland, found in the interior of our eyelids, produces the oil that lubricates the eyes. The mask provides gentle stimulation of the glands to break up the oil and allow it to move from the interior to the exterior of the body. The oil then mixes with proteins and tears to promote healthier eyes and clearer vision.

Wizard Research Laboratories is known for its innovations in the medical world, particularly when it comes to providing more intuitive products on the market. Artificial tears, while certainly helpful in the short-term, do nothing to address a blocked or otherwise malfunctioning meibomian gland.

It's true that Microwave compresses do use heat in an attempt to thin the oil, much like the Dry Eye Mask, but they're not formulated to work directly with the eyes. In addition, they're not designed to last for very long. The Dry Eye Mask from Please Me L.L.C./Wizard Research uses electricity to ensure consistent heat distribution. It effectively liquefies the oil inside so that it doesn't clog the gland.

Ultimately, it was designed to encourage the body's own natural defenses against dry eye, ideally to correct the problem from the inside out. Eddie Sitt is proud to receive the patents for this product, as it puts him one more step to alleviating symptoms on a much broader scale.

The best part is that this technology can serve the needs of billions of people. As we become more accustomed to spending full workdays on our computers (particularly video conferencing), dry eyes are a common issue by the time people officially clock out.

The Dry Eye Mask is a one-time purchase that can potentially eliminate the need for eye drops entirely. In fact, in a study of 1,000 people, more than 37% reported that they were able to do this after using the mask. With a 99.6% success rate, the study is giving hope to anyone plagued by the burning, itching, and grit that are the calling cards of dry eyes. (Incidentally, more than 75% reported that using the mask brought about a tremendous improvement to their quality of life.)

Eddie Sitt at Please Me L.L.C./Wizard Research says this common condition is a burden to people from all walks of life. From business travelers to the elderly, dry eyes can be brought on by a number of environmental and physiological factors alike. The technology of the Dry Eye Mask can help anyone who knows the familiar sting when they blink to see a little clearer on a regular basis.

Between the revolutionary design, the patents, and the results of their recent study, this product has already attracted attention from a number of investors and partners. Currently backed by the largest hedge fund in the world, the company has already made a deal to provide 5,000 masks on select flights from Emirates Airlines.

Eddie Sitt is also in negotiations with three major healthcare insurers to cover one mask per patient by 2024. Eventually, Wizard Research Laboratories plans to sell its Dry Eye Mask through select retail chains as well as a resale network of healthcare professionals. This kind of exposure will make it easy to spread the technology throughout the US and beyond.

Wizard Research Laboratories has built a reputation on quality and ingenuity. After looking at the products on the market, Eddie Sitt quickly saw that the dry eye industry needed disruption.

Instead of ongoing treatments, he saw a way to offer one product as a long-term solution to the problem. This is the crux of the Dry Eye Mask, and it explains the momentum it's already managed to build.


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