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Prime Numbers DAO, Scholarship-based Utility NFT Project Announces Presale of its Native Token “$PRNT.”

Monday, 10 January 2022 11:12

Prime numbers DAO, the first DAO, NFT project, and GameFi project XDC network designed to provide students with scholarship opportunities is currently running the presale of its native token "$prnt."

MADRID, SPAIN / ACCESSWIRE / January 10, 2022 / Prime Numbers, a DAO with unique use cases, is currently in the midst of its presale on the XDC network, intending to move forward in its quest to provide scholarship opportunities to students worldwide through NFT sales. Prime numbers is a one-of-a-kind ecosystem that seamlessly combines blockchain gaming and NFTs. Each Prime number NFT is generative and is a one-of-a-kind function of the inputs used.

The primary goal of the Prime numbers project is to assist financially challenged students around the world who are having difficulty paying their tuition. When a prime number NFT is sold, half of the proceeds go to the student fund and half to token holders. Also, using the NFT Royalty Standard, 2,5% of every resale will go to PRNT holders and an additional 2,5% to the PrimeNumbers DAO.

Students who are not eligible for a student scholarship will obtain a student loan by providing valuable NFTs as collateral, which investors will finance in the hopes that the load will default, allowing them to claim the rare NFT. This way, a student who has a significant net worth in NFTs will get a high grade without selling the NFTs.

Prime NFTs would be powered by the XDC network, a blockchain known for its high power, low transaction costs, and speed.

Furthermore, the Prime Numbers DAO would be supported by its utility token, $PRNT. Prime numbers would run a more active user form of DAO governance, with $PRNT token holders having a say in the DAO's day-to-day operations. Members of the DAO can also stake $PRNT to earn fantastic rewards. Furthermore, $PRNT would be the in-game token for the upcoming Prime numbers DAO game, which would occur much later in 2022. Finally, members of the DAO who hold $PRNT are also eligible for the Prime numbers NFT lottery, which allows them to own a Prime number NFT for free.

The $PRNT presale is currently live, and information can be found here, allowing the public to invest in such a promising project at this early stage. The presale offers 300,000 tokens with no vesting period. Furthermore, during this private sale, $PRNT can only be purchased with XDC tokens ranging from 38 to 45 XDC. This presale would help Prime Number improve education and provide free scholarships to students. $PRNT also provides a lot of utility to its token holders, and with 2022 being the year of DAOs with utility, Prime numbers appear to be a good investment opportunity.

For more information on the project, please contact the team via the following channels:


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Prime Numbers DAO
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SOURCE: Prime Numbers DAO

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