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Terra Owner David Martin on Why the Time for Sustainable Development Practices Is Now

Thursday, 30 December 2021 12:45 PM

Terra Group

Sustainability in Development: Why David Martin at Terra Group in Miami Says There's No Time to Wait

MIAMI, FL / ACCESSWIRE / December 30, 2021 / David Martin of Miami is the CEO of one of the most successful real estate development firms in South Florida. At Terra Group, his job is to oversee every aspect of the firm's projects and ensure his policies are looking out for more than just the bottom line. Perhaps most importantly, Martin is one of the most influential leaders in his sector.

Considering his stellar track record in sustainability practices, he discusses why he has a sense of urgency to protect the environment.

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Martin says it's not difficult to see why climate change is so important. Even for those that turn a blind eye to statistics, it's impossible to ignore the extreme weather events that are evident all over the world. If we continue on our current trajectory, the consequences are certain to become more severe.

Being reckless for the sake of making money may still appeal to plenty of people, but allowing and continuing that kind of behavior sets the entire population back. If companies and individuals can't get a handle on their habits immediately, the damage might not be reversible.

David Martin says that his firm may not be perfect, but his team has made it a point to think about the long-term outcome of every action. Cutting corners might save a few people a few dollars, but ultimately it's not worth taking the chance.

Terra Group operates in a number of asset classes, meaning its projects affect the lives of people from all backgrounds. Martin thoroughly understands the implications of his company's diverse holdings. Historically, people in polluted areas tend to attract even more pollution. In other words, those who are most in need of sustainable practices are often the least likely to receive it.

Martin may have an $8 billion portfolio in a sunny state, but he would be the first to admit that this accomplishment is meaningless if it comes at the cost of harming communities.

David Martin understands that real estate is not the sole culprit when it comes to global warming, but he also recognizes the profound impact of acting locally. He acknowledges that what he does and how he runs his firm today can affect how entire neighborhoods experience their tomorrow. By holding suppliers and vendors accountable, alongside his own Terra Group, the perception of sustainability can slowly begin to change.

Over time, people no longer see the extra steps and higher standards as a burden or, worse, a profit-killer. As these practices are integrated into a company's daily routines and protocols, it has the potential to become the norm. Martin has the power to set an example, and he doesn't take his influence lightly. His hand in establishing a better process can have a measurable ripple effect on firms across the state and even around the country.

The Terra Group is known for its sustainability primarily because the firm has prioritized the communities affected by its actions. If the air, water, or soil quality is compromised, it will devalue more than the land and facilities.

When professionals talk about sustainability, it can often be in terms of vague promises. CEOs may make predictions about their eventual goals several years in the future, only to abandon that plan because it ultimately didn't make financial sense. (Fortunately for them, the media often never follows up on their abject failures.)

For David Martin of Miami, sustainability and environmental responsibility isn't for some distant day when solar power is the only item on the agenda. It's not for big-name companies with unlimited resources at their disposal.

The best way to protect the planet is to start raising our standards for the sake of new generations. For all of the properties under the company's umbrella, which include luxury residences and industrial facilities alike, minimizing Terra's carbon footprint for every project has become a way of life for David Martin of Miami.

This isn't a sensational turnaround brought about by dooms-day headlines. These are consistent practices that have been carefully mapped out with longevity in mind. The ‘why' at Terra comes down to people. While the Earth is certainly important, it's because we all live here that something has to be done today.

David Martin of Miami says that the overall global progress of his industry (and many others for that matter) has been spotty at best and somewhat abysmal at worst. The good news is that sustainable technology, from solar power to energy-efficient appliances, has become dramatically cheaper over the past few years.

What's more, the demand has inversely increased, particularly as people embrace the reduction in utility bills (and the fringe benefits of a cleaner planet). This is a promising turnaround that can coax more people to wake up to the changing times. It makes the Terra Group that much more attractive to clients too.

Martin says we're also starting to see more government regulations and enforcement to help stem the use of the more deplorable practices in the industry. This interference, albeit limited and difficult to enforce, does help turn the tides to a certain degree. Martin of Miami didn't need an official to step in and tell him how to treat the planet though. That concern for the residents of Florida and the people who use his properties was inherent.

David Martin of Miami on the Realities of Sustainability

David Martin of Miami makes it a point to keep up with the latest research, so he's aware of the latest threats. He keeps his policies flexible enough that they can be changed when there's a better solution available. Finally, he's on top of the trends in the larger industry, keeping up with how quickly his peers are able to react to the swiftly changing expectations for sustainability. After all, there isn't a lot of time to spare.


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