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HYPHENOVA Announces Official Selection and Events for 2021 HYP Metaverse Film Fest

Tuesday, 28 December 2021 11:00 AM


LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / December 28, 2021 / HYPHENOVA (HYP.TV), a first-of-its kind omni-channel social good media network announces the official selections and events for the 2021 HYP Film Fest, which runs through January 5, 2022 and takes places within an immersive metaverse which allows participants to stream films and network with one another.

HYP, founded by Lilly Han, is a Zillennial streaming network that is committed to changing the face of media by amplifying global voices and increasing creator ownership.

At the HYP Film Fest, HYP will be showcasing innovative, emerging, and global talent that embody these themes across a number of categories including feature films, shorts, and social media vlogs. As part of the festival, HYP is hosting several special screenings, panels, and events, including a "Green Week" and a night focused on the "Future of NFTs in Music, Art, & Film."

Attendees are invited to register at and fans can join the conversation by tagging @OnTheHYP on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook, and using the hashtag #OnTheHYP. Additional information about the below can be found at and or by reaching out to the HYP team at [email protected].

HYP Green Week

HYP Green Week will run through January 3, 2022 and will showcase several films focused on sustainability from around the world.

According to Patricia Espinosa, Executive Secretary of the Secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, "Each year we dump more than 2.12 billion tonnes of waste. Let's put that into perspective. If all this waste was put on trucks, they'd go around the world 24 times." In North America, 99% of the things that are produced and consumed are trashed within six months.

Han stated that "It is our hope that by showing films, such as ‘The Exchange' and "Dhun, Jaipur' that highlight successful sustainability models, that people will be inspired as we enter 2022, to make a change, whether it's consuming less, reusing more, or choosing an alternative purchase."

Participating filmmaker Clementina Martinez-Masarweh said "Filmmaking is collaboration. Sustainability is collaboration. The two together give hope to the impossible, making sustainability within our reach."

Future of NFTs in Music, Art, & Film

On January 5, 2022, HYP will host an evening consisting of live music by Belle Lundon, NFT community talks and connection with creators and filmmakers Arun Benty, Emrys Csato, Gabe Mejia, Nygilia McClain, and Will Gaines, as well as film screenings. Belle Lundon is a singer and actress starring in upcoming film "The Other Side of Infinity" directed by industry veteran James P. Lay.

Creator Emrys Csato ( is bullish on the future of NFTs and stated "NFTs and digital ownership is giving power back to creators. This will reshape the entertainment and film industries in a way that we may not yet fully realize, similar to the way in which the industrial revolution did for manufacturing." (attached image credit is Emrys Csato)

As part of the festival, HYP minted "Under the Sun" as an NFT ( and will be dropping several additional NFTs in conjunction with the filmmakers and creators including songs by Belle Lundon and artwork by Nygilia McClain.


HYP hosted two panels "Filmmaker POV: Future of Film Festivals" and "Filmmaker POV: Sustainability" which are available on-demand within the metaverse platform.

  • The Filmmaker POV: Future of Film Festivals Panel provided insights and advice from industry veterans A.J. Dean - Filmmaker & Producer, Jean-Luc Julien - Director, Actor, and Festival Juror, Lisa Lindo - Lit Manager/Producer and Vice President - Milan Int'l Film Festival (MIFF), Ninon de Vere De Rosa - CEO & Executive Producer, Patricia Chica - Producer & Director.
  • The Filmmaker POV: Sustainability Panel provided insights and advice from filmmakers and changemakers Clementina Martinez-Masarweh, Roxana Chapela, and Théo Michel as to ways in which audiences and creators can create awareness and drive change pertaining to sustainability.

HYP Film Fest Events

Details for the below events can be found at

  • 12/14 | Opening Celebration
  • 12/22 | "The Hearth" Podcast with Revolution MacInnes and HYP filmmakers on Fireside
  • 12/28 | Green Week Kick-Off Film Screenings and Party
  • 1/2 | Going Home Film Screening and Party
  • 1/4 | Generation Wrecks Film Screening and Party
  • 1/5 | Future of NFTs in Music, Art, & Film - Film Screenings, Panel, and Party
  • 1/6 | Closing Celebration

HYP Film Fest Official Selections

Directed by Nygilia McClain
Synopsis: AfroMemoria is an experimental short piece that explores the abstraction of afrofuturism and ways of telling a non-linear story through abstraction.

Directed and Written by Amaan Ahmad
Produced by Sruti Meher Nori
Cast: Anikat Shah, Krishna Soni
Crew: Raghav C, Srinivas K, Tony Peluso, Rohit Sai
Synopsis: The mystery of the film begins with its very title ‘Carnitapu' - a non-existent word for a strange arts festival that takes place at the cusp of a dimensionless dimension and a timeless timeline. On receiving the pamphlet of Carnitapu, a strange art festival, the girl sets out on a psychological expedition to create her exquisite artwork. She collects the five peculiar elements, losing her sanity in the process. The film pays a tribute to true artists across the world who put their everything into the work they create even if it means losing their sanity.
Awards: Best Debut Filmmaker at Cult Critic Movie Awards, India, Best Debut Filmmaker of Short Film at Port Blair International Film Festival, India, Honorable Mention, Best Director at Cinematic European Film Festival, Best Director at Aiyan Film Awards, India, Best Original Screenplay at Paris Cinema Awards, France, Best Art Director at Eastern Europe International Movie Awards, Turkey, Best Experimental Film at World Film Carnival, Singapore, Best Experimental Film at Tagore International Film Festival, India, Best Silent Film at Eastern Europe International Movie Awards, Turkey, Best Indian Short Film at Aiyan Film Awards, India, Best Experimental Short Film at Aiyan Film Awards, India, Best Silent Short Film at Aiyan Film Awards, India

Dhun, Jaipur
Directed by Aastha Johri
Synopsis: A blueprint for the future of living Dhun is a regenerative town that synthesizes the best that regenerative ecologies, collective human wisdom and consciousness, and exponential technologies have to offer. We have transformed 500 acres of degenerated barren land into an ecosphere, planted 270k trees, created grasslands, built 5 water structures that collect over 400M liters of rainwater, developed 85 acres of organic farms & food forests, and home to 150 species of birds.

Directed by Radheya
Produced by EcoKaari - Humanising fashion
Written by EcoKaari team
Cast & Crew: Artisans and employees of EcoKaari
Synopsis: Upcycled handwoven products made out of discarded plastic bags.

Directed and Written by Kirstin Pfeiffer, Chad Smathers
Produced by Kirstin Pfeiffer, Chad Smathers, Flynn Hayward, Michael Pfeiffer, Sr., Michael Pfeiffer, Jr.
Cast: Kirstin Pfeiffer, Brent Anderson, Zak Steiner, Gail Rastorfer, Flynn Hayward, Lily Kincade, Jarrett Austin Brown, Chantz Simpson
Crew: Cale Nichols, Jon Brunson, Jordan Sakai, Kate Ruthenbeck, Rheagan Rizio, Joe Matthews, Charles Parks, Lej Talens, Kevin Ramirez, Thomas Sigurdsson, Bobby Baldanza, Logan Romjue, Joe Matthews and Sam Kryszek, Sam Kryszek/Clifton Production Services, Sean Makhuli, Lizz Grande, Sarah Walker, Ben Stevenson, Nic Sancen, Benton Stillwell, Adam Griffin
Synopsis: Inspired by a true story, Faithfully is a coming-of-age short film that follows the relationship between Mark, a single father, and his daughter, Emma. When Emma's desire to have the perfect prom day is interrupted by hardships due to Mark's disability, she must make an important decision and learn what it means to be truly "seen".
Awards: Best Drama Short (Indie Short Fest), Honorable Mention (Santa Monica Film Festival)

Finding Perfect
Directed, Produced, Written by John V. Ward
Synopsis: A short-documentary that follows the Villanova Men's Soccer Team through their 2008 season. While chronicling the wins and losses, highs and lows of the season, the true focus of the film challenges the way sports defines "perfection," and makes the case that finding perfection means finding a family, a brotherhood, in a team that were once strangers.
Awards: Best Documentary, Audience Choice Award

Freedom Fighters
Directed and Written by Lawrence Ojugbeli
Produced by Alicia Moore
Cast: Bryan Crane, Selena Watkins, Nessie Blaze, Ashley Brown, Jay Ellz, Mo, Quinn
Crew: Malik Tune, Ryan Drake, Louie Seguin, Cari, Good Company
Synopsis: This six-part series highlights black entrepreneurs trailblazing in predominantly white industries and pushing the narrative on what it means to be a Boss. Although this is a piece for Juneteenth, its message should be heard year-round.

Generation Wrecks
Directed by Kevin T. Morales
Produced by Patrick McGarry, Kevin T. Morales, Phillip Aceto
Written by Victoria Leigh, Bridget McGarry, Kevin T. Morales
Cast & Crew: Victoria Leigh, Bridget McGarry, Alice Kremelberg, Okieriete Onaodowan, Heather Matarazzo, Emily Bergl, Violet Prete, Noa Solomon, John Gargan, Sam Poon, Jibreel Mawry, Jonah Barricklo, Natalie Shaheen
Synopsis: Set in the spring of 1994, the story follows two 11th graders, Stacy Snyder (Bridget McGarry) and Liz Castillo-Campbell (Victoria Leigh) who were best friends until the 7th grade when a mysterious event drove them apart. Stacy joined the popular crowd and Liz, who was outed publicly, fell in with the freaks and became a goth. After years of antagonizing each other, Stacy and Liz are confronted by the future, adulthood, and their own personal issues, they realize they share more than just feeling alienated and lost, and those friendships can be mended in the woods with a lot of music, games, and a little bit of love and weed.
Award: Rising Director - Jersey Shore Film Festival

Going Home
Directed, Produced, Written by Natasha Younge, Aaron King
Cast & Crew: Aaron King, Natasha Younge, Heidi Lewandowski
Synopsis: A man struggles to understand why he can not find his way home.

Directed, Produced, Written by Agata Burdziuk
Cast & Crew: Agata Burdziuk, David Cooper, Ansel Luchau, Sebastian Chapela
Synopsis: A film of embodied poetry. An archetypal memoir. A journey through grief and the cycle of renewal.

Directed by Austin Ahlborg
Produced by Ling Lai
Synopsis: This is a film about the Indigenous people of Mentawai living 150km off the coast of mainland Indonesia. They've existed independently on remote islands for thousands of years living in harmony with nature. Their perspective provides valuable ancient insight in how we as modern humans can coexist with the natural world.

Directed by Jean-Luc Julien
Produced by Jean-Luc Julien, Caprice Crawford
Written by Amy Fruchtman
Cast & Crew: Wilfried Hochholdinger, Anne Alexander-Sieder, Irina Kurbanova
Synopsis: A grieving father struggling to deal with the death of his teenage daughter comes face to face with her living doppelganger.
Awards: Best Dramatic Super Short Film - New York City Independent Film Festival (USA) ∙ Best Short Film & Best Script - Be Epic! London International

Directed by Lawrence Ojugbeli & Tevin Tavares
Produced by Lawrence Ojugbeli, Tevin Tavares, Cam "Jiggy" Lewis, Kai.Zer, David Meyer, Jarriesse Blackmon
Written by Tevin Tavares, Lawrence Ojugbeli, JaCari Rice, Jarriesse Blackmon, Sutton Raphael, David Meyer
Cast: JaCari Rice, Cam "Jiggy" Lewis, Jarriesse Blackmon, Cherif Gueye, Robyn Corruth, David Meyer, Buku, Leeko Sav, Lavi$h, Asha Norman-Hunt, Nick Jacobs, Lawrence Ojugbeli, Gerald Makaveli, Lil Josh, Jachai Hilaire, OXD, Prxnce, K.O.
Crew: Rachel Erwin, Asha Norman-Hunt, Gerald Makaveli, Nick Jacobs, Ben Gaspin, Gavin McFarland, Elise Schatz, Jachai Hilaire, Cam "Jiggy" Lewis, Lawrence Ojugbeli & Sutton Raphael, Reckless Hype, LMN Creative Studios, Good Company
Synopsis: Can a house full of the homies help Cari through his mental block or will it just hurt the process?

Directed by Gabe Mejia
Synopsis: My introduction to the NFT space. I met Beeple and he signed my phone, so I knew I had to create everyday. It inspired me to push into the NFT space and make a community for BIPOC artists.

Origin with Will
Directed and Written by Will Gaines
Produced by Origin Protocol
Cast & Crew: Will gaines and Nikolai Romanenko
Synopsis: The World's First Crypto / NFT Comedy Documentary filmed at Btc Miami 2021 by the creator of Living with Will, Will Gaines

Prai Marapu
Directed and Written by Alexander Grabchilev
Produced by Evgenia Ivara, Fabrice Ivara
Cast & Crew: Alexandra Golyanova, Nailya Akhundova, Pit Ama, Rato Moulede
Synopsis: This movie pictures a single day of the Marapu tribe and the sustainable daily routine of Sumbanian villagers in the Indonesian archipelago.

Remember To Breathe In The Dark
Directed, Produced, Written by Myles Grier
Executive Producer: Geno Brooks
Cast: Myles Grier
Crew: Mark Haynes, Rudy Lopez, Chris Dudley, Cedar Millar, Tiago Santos
Synopsis: During the darkest day of his life thus far, Mike Cole must face his most challenging insecurity to accomplish a duty for the most important people in his life.
Award: Best Male Performance in a Drama Short - Studio 7 International FF

Directed by Jean-Luc Julien
Produced by Jean-Luc Julien, Oliver Theurich, Alex Pescosta, Douglas Williamson
Written by Alexander Garms, Daniel Hettinger, Douglas Williamson
Cast & Crew: Jeff Yaworski, Matilde Keizer, Wolfgang J. Fischer
Synopsis: After humanity's excesses have depleted the water supply, one man journeys to the past to secure his future.
Awards: Best Sci-Fi Short Film - Top Indie Film Awards (USA) • Special Jury Award (Science Fiction) - WorldFest Houston International Film Festival (USA) • Best Long Short - Berlin Flash Film Festival (Germany) • Best Sci-Fi Short Film - Five Continents International Film Festival (Venezuela) • 1st Place International Competition - Acharya Tulsi Short Film Festival (India) • Best Film (2nd Place) - 48 Hour Film Project (Germany) • Best Editing - 48 Hour Film Project (Germany) • Best Sound Design - 48 Hour Film Project (Germany) • Semi-finalist - Caribbean Film Festival & Market (Bahamas) • Special Mention Costume Design Short Film (Maria F. Jacob) - Five Continents International Film Festival (Venezuela) • Fiction Film of the Month (2nd Place) - 12 Months Film Festival • Screenwriter of the Month (3rd Place) - 12 Months Film Festival • Finalist - NanoCon International Science-Fiction Film Festival (USA)

Directed and Produced by Anamia Frias
Written by Anamia Frias, Angel Williams
Cast: Anamia Frias
Synopsis: After being busted for smuggling prescription opioids inmates, a young girl is given an ultimatum by prison guards to cut them in or become an inmate.
Awards: Best Experimental Short Madrid Arthouse Film Festival, Honorable Mention Get It Made Festival

Directed, Produced, Written by Richard Lalonde
Cast: Shin Fujimoto, Ai Shimamura
Crew: Richard Lalonde
Synopsis: A day in the life of a Japanese businessman lost in his repetitive routine.

Sashiko as Cultural Sustainability
Directed and Produced by Roxana Chapela
Written by Atsushi Futatsuya
Cast: Atsushi Futatsuya
Synopsis: When we talk about Sustainability, we tend to focus on the sustainable solution based on resources, like materials. Here, we share another side of Sustainability - Cultural Sustainability.

Directed, Produced, Written by Mario Gonzalez Diaz
Cast: Tenganan Village & Ulun Danu tribe
Synopsis: In the secluded town of Tenganan, Bali, Wayan Mudita still preserves the old Balinese traditions and the desire to pass down the knowledge. Even if the generations are changing, he still desires to pass this magical knowledge to the young ones as a way to preserve the lineage that has been threatened.

The Capitol of Nowhere
Directed and Written by John V. Ward
Produced by John V. Ward, David Ward
Cast: John V. Ward
Crew: Michael Reola, Garian McCauley
Synopsis: The Capitol of Nowhere is a documentary about a quartet of teenage friends who opened and ran a music venue, The Capitol, in the depressed coal town of Shamokin, PA. Despite it's short run and the cavernous inexperience of the kids behind it. The Capitol and its founders managed to attract some well-known acts in the indie/pop-punk music scene of the time. The story of Shamokin runs alongside that of The Capitol within the film and not only highlights just how difficult a place it is to do anything, but the fate suffered by so many rust-belt towns like it. Ultimately, The Capitol of Nowhere isn't just about how a bunch of kids overcame their geographical and economic circumstances and managed to pull off one of the most unlikely of music venues and the importance it played to them and their peers. It's about the difference a few people can make, perhaps best summed up by one of the interviewees: "It's hope…The Capitol gave kids hope."
Award: Award of Merit, Impact Docs Film Festival

The Exchange
Directed and Written by Austin Ahlborg, Brian L Tan
Produced by Andrea Pasquettin
Crew: Kadek Dipa, Mario Gonzalez, Alexander Zorilov, Pavel Ponomarenko, Michael Moeding, Nusa Film
Synopsis: The Plastic Exchange feeds people in return for cleaning the environment by exchanging plastic for rice. This simple idea of re-incentivizing resources has led to one of the largest island cleanups in history while simultaneously feeding thousands of people. A win/win for both people and the environment. We wanted to amplify The Plastic Exchange by making this video which since has helped lead to founder Janur Yasa being nominated for CNN "Hero of The Year."

Under the Sun
Directed and Written by Alla Dulh
Produced by Lilly Han
Cast: Anna Leonteva, Sebastian Mesdag, Glenn-Philip Adams, Eros Ferrari, Wissam Barakeh, Hang Wang, Pandita Agni Bang I Nyoman Sudanta, Ilia Gindper, Miroslav Gindper, Tony Sutherland Gwilliam, Alexander Zorilov, Anton Didkovskiy, Satoko Takaki, Olga Vesna, Denis Bugaev, Roman Hrytsyna, Victoria Gindper, Vasilisa Gindper, Hermeza Adams, Ibu Robin Lim, Koto Fouche
Synopsis: A visual and poetic voyage. The movie is a visual stimulation raising unique human qualities - compassion, empathy, trust, spirituality, unconditional love and forgiveness. All art forms - music, paintings, poetry, mathematics, and dance - glorify the beauty of creation.

Directed and Written by Nygilia McClain
Synopsis: Vanity is an experimental short-film about an African spirit named Alzena that uses her powers to recreate the world. Explore and become a part of this journey, full of imagination and wonder.

Vida Vert
Directed by Theo Michel
Produced and Written by Theo Michel, Clementina Martinez-Masarweh, Ani Wells, Stephanie Stimmler
Cast: Mateo Ray Garcia, Genesis Butler, Matthew Wells, Clementina Martinez-Masarweh, Ani Wells, Stephanie Stimmler, Lexi Masarweh and Alexis Lovelace
Synopsis: During the pandemic, a time of The Great Slowdown, Mother Earth shows us we can make a difference. With carbon emissions down and wildlife returning, we have an opportunity to reset hope and make conscious choices towards climate solutions. By working together, we can build a sustainable future for all living creatures.

Yes I Can And I Will
Directed and Produced by Michael Lynch
Cast: Ryan Miller, Kim Peppers, Angie D'eJong, Shaun Cambel, and Lesley Donaldson
Crew: Michale Lynch, Nigel Heartwell, Randyh Coloma, Alina D'Wonik, Shannon Springate, Erin Buffalo, and Sam Hardy.
Synopsis: Journey to find out about bodybuilding without steroids - from workouts and polygraph tests to overcoming physical and emotional trauma and going on stage. This world of fitness has some unexpected twists and turns.

Hyphenova, Tuesday, December 28, 2021, Press release picture

SOURCE: Hyphenova, artwork by Emrys Csato

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