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Commercial Cleaning Demand Is on a Rise After the COVID-19 Pandemic

Thursday, 09 December 2021 07:45 PM

Clean Group

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA / ACCESSWIRE / December 9, 2021 / The COVID-19 pandemic has affected millions of lives worldwide and changed many businesses in many industries. The cleaning industry was no different. Thanks to the pandemic, people are now taking cleaning more seriously, said Clean Group CEO Suji Siv in a recent interview. That was one positive thing that came out of this otherwise depressing event.

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Gone are the days when businesses in Sydney were cleaning for the sake of making their premises look beautiful. Now, the focus has shifted more on cleaning for health. Companies have finally realized that cleaning is the best way to ensure the all-round safety of their premises and workers. According to Suji Siv, cleaning for health has become a preference for many businesses ever since the start of the pandemic. While many offices had to temporarily shut their operations during the COVID-19 lockdown, essential businesses including government offices, hospitals, grocery stores, medical centres, etc. were still open and needed regular Virus decontamination cleaning of their premises, especially to neutralize germs and limit the reach of the virus.

Cleaning for health' is the new focus for companies
The Clean Group owner believes that the trend of cleaning for health is likely to continue in the near future and regular cleaning will now become much more than just making a place look beautiful.

Even when COVID-19 is over for good, businesses will still have to deal with a lot of health-related issues including seasonal illness in workplaces. Most of these health issues can be handled through proper and routine commercial cleaning of offices. According to Suji Siv, their cleaning services are focused not just on making the place look better and more beautiful but also on minimizing the presence of germs on office floors, toilets and other high-traffic areas. In addition to basic cleaning, they perform disinfection as well, which helps prevent the spread of common germs and bacteria on the premises. To help solve the employees' health issues in the easiest way possible, businesses often look to expert commercial cleaning companies for support.

Clean Group offers commercial cleaning services to all business properties in Sydney CBD
As one of the leading commercial cleaning services providers in Sydney, Clean Group is a preferred choice of hundreds of local businesses, including offices, gyms, schools, hospitals, retail stores, etc. for their day-to-day cleaning and disinfection needs. The company is equipped with the latest, state-of-the-art cleaning resources and has the best, time-tested team of trained commercial cleaners who also have experience in disinfection for COVID-19.

Businesses employ professional cleaners as workers return back to offices
As many Sydney businesses are reopening their premises after the pandemic and employees are returning back to offices, they would want to employ the best policies to lessen sick days caused due to seasonal illnesses and COVID-19. Routine and proper workplace cleaning by expert cleaners is generally at the top of the list for most of these companies. Cleaning will not only help ensure the workers take fewer days off, but it is also likely to help create a happier and more productive workforce, especially when the company employees get a healthy work environment.

But, office cleanliness is not just the responsibility of cleaners. Organizations will have to come forward and start educating their workers on the importance of and guidance for office cleanliness. For instance, following the basic office hygienic practices like using a mask, washing hands regularly and maintaining social distance would be a good place to start. This will also teach employees the importance of personal hygiene and that it is for their own betterment.

Employees & customers are becoming more concerned about workplace safety
Another trend that has been seen following the pandemic is a dramatic rise of awareness in employees and customers about workplace safety. Many customers and office employees have been reportedly found asking questions about the steps their companies or local businesses are taking to clean their premises, especially sensitive areas like toilets, door handles, counters, etc. so as to stop the virus spread. This has practically forced commercial property owners to start focusing more on the cleaning of their business facilities. And this goes not just for office spaces but for any and every kind of commercial property. Malls and shopping centres, for example, have to be very clear about how often they clean their premises in order for customers to feel safe to return to these places. Similarly, other commercial properties including banks, restaurants, movie theatres, gyms, health clubs, schools, childcare centres and others need to have stringent cleaning programs in place for their customers to feel comfortable returning.

Commercial cleaning companies in Sydney CBD are helping businesses minimize the virus risk through proper and routine cleaning of their facilities. There are companies like Clean Group that consider cleaning not just a job but a responsibility that they have to do to make people feel safe again when visiting local stores, restaurants, etc. and using their services. Even though the pandemic was bad in many ways, one good thing that has come out of it is that businesses have become more aware of workplace safety and are taking every precaution to ensure the health safety of their workers.

Clean Group commercial cleaning Sydney CBD company is offering complete commercial cleaning & office cleaning solutions, including COVID disinfection, for businesses all over the city. To book a free quote, visit the company website.

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