Craft Spirits Awards 2021 Judging Results Are Out, Rooshine Takes Gold AGAIN!!!
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Craft Spirits Awards 2021 Judging Results Are Out, Rooshine Takes Gold AGAIN!!!

Thursday, December 2, 2021 12:00 PM
Rooshine Inc.

Craft Spirits Awards 2021 Judging Results Are Out, Rooshine Takes Gold AGAIN!!!

ORMOND BEACH, FL / ACCESSWIRE / December 2, 2021 / Rooshine, Inc. (OTC PINK:RSAU) ("Rooshine" or the "Company"), an importer, distributor and seller of premium alcoholic spirits, is happy to announce the results of the 2021 Craft Spirits Awards. Judges from Europes finest craft spirits competition have just put another feather in Rooshine's cap…well 3 to be exact!

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Judges representing some of the most prominent Craft Spirits Buyers, including those from London's Harrods, assembled under the iconic gaze of the London Eye to Judge thousands of craft spirits from 21 countries. In this head-to-head competition Rooshine was awarded a Craft Spirits Awards 2021 Gold medal for Rooshines First Mate Blended Whisky, a Gold Medal for Rooshines Skyline Gin, and a Silver Medal for Rooshines Mutiny Spiced Rum.

Of note, Rooshine's Spiced Rum was the only rum to be awarded a medal in this year's competition, which speaks volumes to the unique aging process involved in the production of Rooshine's award winning spirits.

"As Europe's finest craft spirits competition, the Craft Spirits Awards demonstrate the most incredible craft spirits known to man," reported Les McCall, Chairman of the Board. "We are passionate about making the most spectacular spirits and these Gold and Silver Craft Spirits Awards 2021 Medals are an enormous recognition that we take very seriously!"

The Craft Spirits market as a whole is enjoying massive growth according to Diageo. The demand for premium drinks is booming in the UK, Europe, America and Asia. Described as the 'Golden Era' of opportunity and profitability by John Beaudette - the business is full of creativity and ambition.

About Rooshine, Inc.

The Company was formed under the laws of the State of Nevada in April 1998. The Company's business is the importation, distribution and sale of alcoholic spirits. Rooshine, Inc. was formed with the desire to produce high quality premium spirits infused with natural ingredients and no artificial additives. To that end, Rooshine, Inc. has partnered with International Spirits Vault, Ltd. to develop a patented proprietary method that leverages electromagnetic pulse technology to accelerate the aging process of the spirit while in the barrel. Unlike other accelerated maturation processes on the market, Rooshine, Inc does not denature the spirit through boiling or pressurization, but rather accelerates the natural aging process by expanding the surface area of the barrel through the use of electromagnetic pulses. Through the use of this process Rooshine is able to reduce the maturation process from years to a matter of days or weeks, while infusing the spirit with the essence of the barrel's conditioning. As a result of the enhanced speed and the fact that the accelerated aging process can occur in the barrel, Rooshine is able to cycle a single spirit through multiple barrel/wood combinations to develop unique flavors that would otherwise take decades or perhaps even centuries to produce.

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