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BODAV2 Token Offers Investors Greater Portfolio Stability And Passive Yearly Returns

Thursday, 02 December 2021 00:00

BODA Token

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA / ACCESSWIRE / December 7, 2021 / COVID-19 continues to ravage the global economic recovery, sending traditional market exchanges and cryptocurrency trades alike on a rollercoaster ride. Amid the volatility, savvy investors with an eye on the long term are recognizing typical decentralized financial assets aren't the hedges against drops in stock, commodity, and bond yield value that some economists once thought. Enter BODAV2, the reward token designed to take major market moves out of the equation and promote stability over selloff while providing investors with passive income.

"BODAV2 is set up with security in mind-whether that's protection against hackers and cyberattacks, shady ventures and actors in the developing blockchain space, or instability on Wall Street," explained Billy Thomas, BODA's Chief Executive Officer. "Our recent CertiK review audit gives investors a transparent look into how the smart contract we've coded from the ground up delivers automatic dividends to buyers just for holding the token."

Delivering transparent data to buyers remains at the core of BODAV2's success in a crowded cryptocurrency field. On November 29, BODA unveiled a new investor dashboard, featuring easy-to-read performance metrics and visual representations that let backers know exactly where their holdings and the wider BODAV2 exchange stand.

BODA Token, Tuesday, December 7, 2021, Press release picture

With the dashboard, buyers can watch their rewards for holding the BODAV2 token compound in real-time. Investors gain up to 19% in BUSD, the cryptocurrency pegged 1:1 with the United States Dollar, just for holding BODAV2.

Current BODAV2 holders have already received payouts totaling nearly $820,000 worth of BUSD. The almost 5,500 token holders can also use the metrics on the dashboard to do their own comparisons to other token competitors or other financial assets. Should a buyer put $1,000 into BODAV2, they can watch that seed money earn over 200% APY over the long term, turning $1,000 in fiat currency into a machine producing over $2000 worth of BUSD over 12 months. The dashboard also lets users estimate their rewards return from a certain investment amount and has links to buy more of BODAV2, keep track of updates on social media, and even get merchandise.

Backers strengthening their portfolio with BODAV2 can also rest assured they remain insulated from unexpected tax filing burdens. With rewards distributed in BUSD pegged to the U.S. dollar, investors are shielded from major capital gains tax calculations that come with big swings, rises, and falls seen with other crypto holdings.

The team behind BODAV2 continues working to deliver additional value to holders, even beyond current offerings. In December, BODAV2 backers will gain access to the Yield Farm. BODAV2 will be the first reward token on the Binance Chain Ecosystem to offer token buyers the chance to stake or lend their BODAV2 crypto assets to generate returns through the Farm.

"We're introducing nuanced ways to interact not only with BODAV2 on a dynamic level but also with other users too," Billy Thomas added. "Aside from the upcoming Yield Farm, in 2022 and beyond BODA community members can try their luck through lottery games, work to build their own coin with the Token Minter, or even put additional control measures on their crypto holdings with the Token Locker. We're not stopping with just creating the best on the blockchain. We want to create the best, richest experience for those who make BODAV2 part of their digital finance portfolio."

With global circumstances changing day-to-day, the stability backing BODAV2 comes as a welcome economic port in stormy seas. To learn more about how to get started building a durable financial future that prioritizes steady growth, click here.

Billy Thomas | CEO & Founder
Boda Token
[email protected]


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