NJ Real Estate Development Firm NRIA Delivers Holiday Cheer to the Community that it Builds in
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NJ Real Estate Development Firm NRIA Delivers Holiday Cheer to the Community that it Builds in

Tuesday, November 30, 2021 7:50 PM

"If we can help, we should," says NRIA of its commitment to the Toys For Tots Foundation. "And if we should, let's do it in the best way possible."

SECAUCUS, NJ / ACCESSWIRE / November 30, 2021 / National Realty Investment Advisors (NRIA), a leading developer of luxury real estate on the East Coast, is pleased to announce that it is assisting the Toys for Tots Foundation this year in bringing holiday joy to needy families in Hudson and Bergen County, an area that NRIA calls home.

With the holiday season upon us, parents in New Jersey are already beginning to feel the pressure of finding that perfect toy to place under the tree. But for some, the financial weight of paying rent and putting food on the table can leave little or no funds left for holiday magic.

Fortunately, The Toys for Tots Foundation, a not-for-profit public charity operated by the United States Marine Corps, is here to help. Since 1947, Toys for Tots has been collecting and distributing toys and books to needy families across America with the help of corporate and community donors.

National Realty Investment Advisors (NRIA), based in Secaucus, is doing what it can to help Toys For Tots bring holiday cheer to financially struggling families in Secaucus and the broader Hudson/Bergen community.

"The Bergen/Hudson County community is an area in need," said Veronica Villalobos, public relations liaison and executive assistant to the construction department for NRIA. "This is one of the most densely populated areas in the country, and there are people who are struggling. Businesses shut down during the pandemic. People lost their jobs… And parents, to no fault of their own, need a little extra help this holiday season."

Understanding these needs and looking to give back to the community that it operates and builds in, NRIA signed on to be a national corporate donor for the Marine Corps Toys For Tots program.

Inside their corporate headquarters at 1 Harmon Plaza in Secaucus, NRIA has set up two large bins to collect gifts for the program. In addition, one even larger bin is placed in the lobby of the office building. NRIA shares the office building with many other companies. Thus, the giant "toy box" will offer the hundreds of employees who work on all ten floors of the building (and their families) the opportunity to give.

"We are building in these areas, providing jobs in these areas…," said Villalobos. "We understand that with the state of the economy, and with the way the pandemic hit the Hudson/Bergen area, that hard-working families are in need. It's important to give back. The children already spent a lot of time unable to go to school because of the pandemic. That was hard enough. Here's something we as a company can do to help out. Something that can make a big impact during the holiday season. Parents can avoid feeling pressured to choose between buying groceries and Christmas presents."

Villalobos added that a "virtual toybox" is available online to make donations to Toys For Tots for those who would prefer not to shop for a donated gift themselves. This is a convenient way to help out without having to hit the stores during the busy holiday season, she said.

To date, the Toys for Tots organization has distributed 604 million toys to 272 million children, the not-for-profit reports. In addition to the annual holiday toy drive, Toys For Tots provides children's books to low-income families year-round because, in many low-income neighborhoods, the availability of books per child is only around one book per 300 children. Providing books to these in-need families helps close the reading gap and promote literacy.

Because of this, NRIA encourages those who choose to donate to their Toys For Tots toy drive to consider purchasing books in addition to toys.

In addition, NRIA reminds the public that young children aren't the only ones hoping to see a special gift under the tree this year. Many teenagers need a bit of holiday cheer. Teen-oriented gifts and books make a great donation to toy drives, according to the Toys For Tots organization.

And 96% of those donations go directly to the cause-children and teens in need. "That's one of the reasons that NRIA chose Toys For Tots," said NRIA's Villalobos, "they have the best program to support ratio."

Villalobos herself feels especially close to this fundraising effort because it gives back to the area that she was born and raised in, Hudson County. "I understand what it's like to grow up in a blue-collar family," she said. "It's not easy. Even just one gift under the tree can make a difference for some of these families."

Anthony Gramuglia, communications manager for NRIA, stresses that buying a gift for a child in need may feel like a small thing, but it's a way to show love to your community.

"For NRIA, we are always searching for more ways to give back to the communities that we build in," he said. "It would be morally wrong to develop a community without also assisting those that are already there. It's important to leave people better off as a result of NRIA's presence."

"We have a platform that allows us to help," Gramuglia added. "If we can help, we should. And if we should, let's do it in the best way possible."

NRIA's Villalobos credits Marine Colonel Ted Sylvester with helping NRIA coordinate their Toys For Tots drive. "He has been amazing," she said. "A lot of holidays will be better because of his efforts."

Villalobos looks forward to seeing the toy bins at 1 Harmon Plaza overflow this year. She expects NRIA to deliver a packed-to-the-brim U-Haul truck full of toys and books to the distribution warehouse, she said, where it will be unloaded by NRIA CEO Rey Graboto and COO Glen La Mattina.

The last day for toy donations to be accepted at NRIA headquarters is December 17.

"We are so happy to be a part of this and put our stamp on it," Villalobos said. "It feels good knowing that these gifts will be going right into the community that we work in. The toy that you buy today may end up in the hands of a boy or girl right down the street. That's something that warms the heart."

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