Construction Industry & Supply Chain Expert Releases New Book Providing Solutions to Dramatically Reduce Materials Costs and Maximize Supply Chain
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Construction Industry & Supply Chain Expert Releases New Book Providing Solutions to Dramatically Reduce Materials Costs and Maximize Supply Chain

Wednesday, December 1, 2021 10:15 AM
Kenzai USA

"How Much is the Milk?" offers a practical roadmap to mitigate supply chain issues and improve operational efficiency

DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / December 1, 2021 / Ken Pinto, supply chain expert and owner of Dallas-based manufacturing representative agency Kenzai USA, today introduces "How Much is The Milk?," a guidebook for business leaders interested in lowering costs and in shortening build times across an industry challenged by pervasive supply chain issues.

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With a combined 40 years of supply chain and purchasing experience gained while serving some of the nation's largest home building companies, Pinto has distilled his knowledge and lessons learned into proven tactics and actionable steps within an easy-to-follow playbook. The core of "How Much is The Milk?" focuses on people and relationships as the critical pieces necessary to streamline the supply chain, reduce costs and cycle times, and increase overall production.

"During the years I spent working with large home building companies, I realized that unless the entire industry understood the problems and how to remedy them, a ceiling limit would exist on how efficient I could get and I needed to find a way to help the whole industry change," said Pinto. "Most builders don't even realize that supply chain inefficiencies are potentially costing them millions of dollars every year or that practical solutions for these problems exist. Listening lowers costs. If you don't know the cost of the milk, you likely don't know what is or isn't broken."

As the nation faces a housing affordability crisis, resolving supply-chain bottlenecks and rising material price issues is critical to lowering housing costs and mitigating supply shortages for single-family homes. "How Much is the Milk?" empowers construction leaders to tap into their existing network with a pragmatic approach with actionable steps and tools to:

  • Collaborate with supply chain vendors to lower one another's costs.
  • Minimize construction schedule disruptions.
  • Affect the supply chain demand planning process.
  • Forecast information relevant to suppliers at the SKU level.
  • Treat trade partners as vital team members.

"Anyone in supply chain management will benefit from having read this book regardless of their experience level," said Joshua Hutzler, vice president of Corporate Operations, Stanley Martin Homes.

Pinto's goal is to broadcast the tools he developed to help business leaders realize the importance of a smooth supply chain and how to bring it to life to fuel success, resulting in better margins for builders, more affordable homes, and reduced housing shortages caused by construction limitations.

Mike Lewis, co-founder of Creative Mines shared, "How much do you need and when do you need it? It seems a simple question, but the answer is complex. Ken Pinto's "How Much is the Milk?" is a fantastic guide to methods and efficiencies that result in on-time services, cost reduction, and a gratifying customer experience."

"How Much is the Milk?" can be purchased online for $34.95 at:

About Ken Pinto
A 40-year supply chain, purchasing, and homebuilding industry veteran, Ken Pinto's career spans leadership roles at some of the nation's largest homebuilding companies including Shea Homes, Pulte Homes, Standard Pacific Homes, and Toll Brothers. Pinto's lifelong interest in construction was sparked during his teenage years when he built his very first home, leading to a 21-year career in commercial construction, and igniting a passion for problem-solving and a desire to champion industry change. Pinto founded Kenzai USA, a Dallas-based supply chain company and manufacturer representative agency to support US building material manufacturers interested in selling products overseas. For more information, visit or follow Ken on LinkedIn.

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