EverGrow Step Things up with Significant Exchange News
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EverGrow Step Things up with Significant Exchange News

Friday, November 26, 2021 6:10 AM
EverGrow Coin

NEWARK, DE / Accesswire / November 26, 2021 / -- Much like waiting for a bus, EverGrow Coin, arguably the most innovative and fastest-growing project of this fall, surprised the cryptoverse today by dropping on 3 major exchanges. Much was made of their exchange listing delays, which were attributed to a long and drawn-out process of optimisation and due diligence with Bitmart. Taking a full 6 weeks to launch on their first major exchange, this week EverGrow Coin went live on Bibox, LBank & ZT Global Exchanges. These exchanges bring with them some serious combined clout with 15 million registered users, and as much as $4 billion of daily volume.

EverGrow Coin, Friday, November 26, 2021, Press release picture

The project then hinted that a Coinsbit listing was also imminent, which would add millions more users, and nearly $2 billion more in potential daily volume.


With this impressive progress, what really stood out was a teaser that they were waiting to confirm an even bigger exchange once they had passed the exchange's due diligence. So, after being admittedly slow out of the blocks, the EverGrow Team are now really turning up the heat.

With none of these exchanges being exactly ‘small-fry' many in the community are speculating that this approach is intended to build a respectable base of major global exchanges before hitting ‘the big boys', namely the likes of Binance, Kraken, KuCoin or possibly Huobi.

EverGrow are now showing clear strategy with every step they take, again something highlighted in a recent tweet where they explained how the exchange listings were priority number one because they wanted to be ready to handle massive volume once the markets returned to the bull cycle and EverGrow coin launch their new utilities:


The crypto markets have taken a serious dip over the last few weeks with leading projects like Safemoon, Shiba Inu, & Doge all down from 40-60%, and Bitcoin still down around 14% from recent highs. EverGrow Coin was dragged down along with the crowd, despite a couple of weeks of very positive progress.

The team are therefore ‘locked and loaded' to take advantage of when the crypto markets turn around with 105,000 HODLers in just 8 weeks also standing by - an impressive haul of early investors. So much lies ahead for EverGrow Coin, we are excited to see just how far this team can go.

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