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Initiative Jointly Launched by 260 Science and Technology Communities in Beijing

Friday, November 19, 2021 3:00 PM

BEIJING, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / November 19, 2021 / (China Economic Net) -- The closing ceremony of the 3rd World Science and Technology Development Forum which focused on the theme of "Openness, Trust and Cooperation" was held in Beijing on November 7. In the Forum, 260 Chinese and foreign science and technology communities including the China Association for Science and Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering, and United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization launched an initiative to join hands and work together to genuinely improve science and technology for the benefit of mankind. They sought to promote technology for the needs, desires, and use of people of the world for sustainable development of human civilization.

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According to the statement of the Initiative that consolidated the consensus of the 260 science and technology communities, science and technology are the results of human wisdom. The current wave of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation has accelerated changes as science and technology open up new paths for responding to and addressing global development challenges such as major infectious diseases, climate change, and sustainable development. The Initiative mainly focuses on five aspects:

- Pursue excellence and uphold innovation. Uphold the scientific spirit for the pursuit of truth, use rigorous and meticulous scientific methods, accept the mission of finding the truth and discovering new knowledge, explore the frontiers of science and technology, and advance science and technology. Establish the value of excellence in science and technology, create an academic atmosphere of freedom and equality that respects innovation, encourages innovation, and tolerates failure.

- Openness, inclusiveness, and shared mutual benefits. Promote the open science movement to build an open science culture, promote the concept of open science, and establish open science institutions and systems. Attract active participation from all disciplines, so that scientific data, knowledge, equipment, and results can be more widely accessible and more reliably used. Maintain the legal boundaries of open science, establish a balanced and appropriate openness principle, and protect personal privacy, data security, and intellectual property rights.

- Consultation, collaboration, equality and mutual trust Respect the research results and prioritized rights of others, evaluate the research results of others in an objective and fair manner, respect the rights of others to raise reasonable challenges, and publish our research data and research results for the scientific and technology community. Follow the principles of crossing national borders, accessibility, and non-discrimination, and trust and respect the abilities, contributions, and values of partners.

- Exchange ideas and create partnerships. Establish diverse and collaborative cross-border exchange mechanisms, break down barriers to cooperation in innovation, create an open international innovation network, pool the collective wisdom of scientists from different countries, and respond to the common challenges to human society. Understand and respond to the needs for cooperation between different entities, seek common ground for cooperation and exchange, and jointly promote international cooperation and exchange of ideas in science and technology.

- Fulfill our responsibilities and missions. Defend academic freedom, abide by the rules of scientific logic and ethics, uphold the values of science and technology, take a far-sighted view of the conflicts of rules, social risks, and ethical challenges brought about by scientific and technological development, and have the awareness of avoiding the negative effects of science and technology. Use different methods and channels to participate in popular science activities, spread scientific ideas, spread scientific knowledge, respect the people's right to participate in science and technology, and promote public awareness and support of science and technology. Actively participate in the discussions of policy issues of relevant government institutions, and provide comprehensive, accurate, objective, and realistic opinions and recommendations for decisions regarding science and technology.

In the closing ceremony of the Forum, representatives of Chinese and foreign experts and scholars focused on "Trust: the Foundation of Inclusive Development and Governance" and "Cooperation: the Way of Meeting Challenges". Their reports were respectively, "Emerging Science and Technology and the Ethics", "International Science Cooperation for Sustainable Development" and "Cooperation for Climate Change and Sustainable Development". They also engaged in high-level dialogue on the topic of "Governance, Trust, and Collaboration of Ethical Science and Technology". They also published other papers including "The Ten Scientific Issues Concerning Human Social Development in 2021" and "Top 10 Emerging Technologies in Chemistry".

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