ONSTON, a blockchain-based economy-oriented multi metaverse platform, now listed on Bittrex
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ONSTON, a blockchain-based economy-oriented multi metaverse platform, now listed on Bittrex

Wednesday, November 17, 2021 11:45 AM
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Company Update

HONG KONG / ACCESSWIRE / November 17, 2021 / ONSTON, a blockchain-based economy-oriented multi-metaverse platform, will be listed on the Bittrex global exchange at 4:00 pm on the 18th (PST).

ONSTON is developing a new virtual reality metaverse ecosystem based on blockchain technology. ONSTON is creating a 3D virtual environment by connecting VR/AR devices.

In the future, the Metaverse will be present in all aspects of life. Onverse, which is ONSTON's Metaverse platform, is on the verge of becoming a world in which everything will be available in electronic form. Consequently, ONSTON is one step ahead of the game by developing an infrastructure that would make this possible. By utilizing ONSTON platform, you will be able to take advantage of ONSTON's upcoming initiatives such as "Theme Park" "Casino," "Museum," and "Workplace," all of which will be available soon.

Reality is alive and well

ONVERSE is exciting and entertaining, and it has some of the best attractions. Experiment with the excitement of theme park attractions that have been realistically recreated using virtual reality technology.

Casino in the Metaverse is secure

You can use the ONVERSE casino service in a safe and simple manner thanks to decentralized identification (DID), which is based on the best face recognition technology available on the market. ONVERSE Casino offers a wide choice of games to choose from.

Take a look around the NFT Museum

Visitors to the ONVERSE Art Museum can take in the artworks on display in high-definition virtual reality (VR), participate in NFT art auctions, and publish their own works as NFTs.

Workplace where there is no face-to-face interaction

You can see tasks such as document payment, meetings, and presentations in the ONVERSE virtual office once you have successfully authenticated with your identity. You can also use facial recognition technology to host events such as general shareholders' meetings and other similar gatherings.

Competitive Advantages of ONSTON

Interoperable Multiverse

Existing metaverse platforms establish their own worlds. Since those platforms such as Roblox, Fortnite, Horizon, Animal Crossing and Zepeto have unique features, interoperability is not considered.

ONVERSE Platform will provide a technology that assures the compatibilty with items, virtual assets and the worlds of other metaverse platforms including existing metaverse platforms and new metaverse platforms developed by global conglomerates.

ONVERSE Platform has a goal of playing vital roles to become, not just one metaverse, a transcendent metaverse ecosystem of multiverse, a combination of metaverse, or omniverses, a combination of multiverses.

Providing technology-based user experience

By combining production knowledge of VR and AR of the ONSTON team, facial recognition technology, and VR game technology, a more advanced user experience(UX) can be provided to users and accessed through various devices.

Metaverse by Service

ONSTON does not simply provide an interesting metaverse space, but a more effective metaverse platform by providing a virtual space for specialized services such as finance, education, corporate business, and entertainment

Providing Various NFT Contents

ONSTON provides NFT contents to actively achieve virtual-reality convergence through partnerships with external operators of intellectual property (IP) in the fields of finance, education, games, and entertainment


Hwansup LEE. CEO
Email: [email protected] / [email protected]


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