Add to Watchlist: Rritual Superfoods is a Rapidly Growing Plant-Based Investment Opportunity
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Add to Watchlist: Rritual Superfoods is a Rapidly Growing Plant-Based Investment Opportunity

Tuesday, November 16, 2021 6:50 AM
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Company Update
Rritual Superfoods Inc.

VANCOUVER, BC / ACCESSWIRE / November 16, 2021 / In March 2021, Rritual Superfoods (CSE: RSF) (FWB: 0RW) (OTCQB: RRSFF) went public. The plant-powered company is building products for those who are on the journey to improve their lifestyle & well-being. The brand has positioned itself as a market leader in the fast-growing superfood space.

Inspired by balance, Rritual's organic products are functional mushroom elixirs and herbal adaptogens that elevate health and wellness. Their natural elixirs are powered by super ingredients such as chaga, reishi, and lion's mane that maximize immunity, sharpen cognitive function, improve resilience to stress, and more.

Over the last two quarters, the Vancouver-based Rritual has executed an aggressive distribution strategy with a focus on scaling product outlets in the U.S. and building strong digital infrastructure within the American market.

Within a week of commencing trading on the Canadian Securities exchange under the ticker symbol "RSF," Rritual announced the successful launch and implementation of their U.S. e-commerce website. The launch of the site offered customers the ease of receiving Rritual's product right to their door and made it accessible to opt-in for recurring deliveries.

As they expand, the company continues to prioritize technology and user-centric processes, with the goal of cultivating an engaged community focused on healthy living. The brand strives to eliminate barriers to accessibility for their customer-base. A key piece of creating a robust, accessible platform is crafting the site to be a resource of dimensional, interactive content, articles, product information, recipes, and usage notes.

In terms of physical distribution, Rritual's accomplishments shine. As the team entered 2021, they set the ambitious target of 2400 retail locations and 10,000 points of distribution by December 31, 2021.

By June 2021, they had already exceeded that goal.

This achievement can be attributed to several successful North American partnerships. The brand utilized a high-risk, high-reward sales and marketing strategy, prioritizing national rollout versus a regional one. The strong execution of the plan proved to bear fruit for Rritual; since going public, the company has partnered with Rite Aid, Ultimate Sales Canada, Amazon, Vitacost, The Good Trends, and CVS (the largest pharmacy in the U.S.).1

With market validation stemming from the rapidly growing manufacturing runs, exceeding aggressive objectives ahead of schedule and positive feedback from retailers and consumers, Rritual decided to revise their targets. Their current projections aim to reach 6000 stores and 20,000 points of distribution by the end of the year, delivering on their promise to bring Rritual within arm's length of consumer desire.

As an emerging market leader in the superfood space, Rritual's Innovation & Development team is continuously building fresh solutions that fulfill their mission of clean, organic, plant-based superfood products. What will be the next product to hit shelves? A plant-based collagen-boosting latté powder formulated with the antioxidant-rich tremella mushroom as the star ingredient.

The potency of the mushroom with other skin-quenching botanicals and superfoods promotes glowing, toned, refreshed skin. "At Rritual we are driven to create innovative plant-based health solutions that are not only pure and effective, but can easily fit into people's lifestyle and routines," says Stacey Gillespie, Rritual's Chief Innovation Officer. The powder will offer an option to consumers that does not compromise on results but is also sustainable and animal friendly.

The company has partnered with NEXE Technologies Corp. to form a strategic alliance for product development and commercialization of innovative superfood-based beverages. NEXE designs, manufactures, and commercializes fully compostable, plant-based materials for everyday consumer products, working to eliminate the use of harmful petroleum-based plastics. Through its collaboration with NEXE, Rritual will be establishing best practices of plant-based, compostable packaging to align with their mandate to minimize harm to the planet & to satisfy retail and consumer demand.

Rritual's leadership team boasts industry heavyweights that are positioned to drive growth to the next level. In early October 2021, Mr. Warren Spence was appointed as Chief Executive Officer and Mr. Greg McCauley as Rritual's Chief Operating Officer. David Kerbel, former CEO, will transition to a consultant of the company and join the advisory board.

Mr. Spence brings 28 years of deep knowledge and expertise in the consumer-packaged goods industry through his previous success at Nude Beverages, Red Bull Canada and Hain Celestial Group. During his tenure at Red Bull Canada, revenues grew by over 600%. His career has been focused on strengthening sales through the development and implementation of operations structures, logistics and supply chains. Warren's expertise and capabilities are ideally suited to Rritual's current stage of growth, building the brand at the consumer level, and ensuring that retail relationships are strengthened through the knowledge that Rritual can be relied upon to deliver the highest quality products.

Rritual may be the perfect opportunity for a retail investor that wants to invest in a rapidly growing, innovative company with a mission to encourage positive health and well-being without imposing harm on the planet.

Aside from the business savvy and massive potential growth opportunity, Rritual approaches the market with compelling value that will never be perfectly quantified by a number: they are building solutions that inspire mental and physical peace in individuals. The brand has identified a collective weakness in our global society - people are far too busy, stressed, and lonely to give themselves the time and space to focus on their physical body, mind, or spirit. Rritual imagines a world where time is given for natural, organic, plant-based options that play a meaningful role in people's daily health & well-being rituals.

If you are ready to take charge of your health, visit

If you are interested in learning more about investing in Rritual Superfoods, their investor site can be found at or they can be reached via email at [email protected]

In Canada, Rritual can be tracked on the CSE via the ticker symbol (RSF.CN). In the United States, Rritual can be tracked on the OTCQB via the ticker symbol (RRSFF). In Germany, Rritual can be tracked on the FWB via the ticker symbol (0RW).


Company Name: Rritual Superfoods Inc.
Contact Person: Warren Spence
Address: 151 West Hastings Street Vancouver, BC V6B 1H4
Phone Number: 778-400-1242
Website Links:

SOURCE: Rritual Superfoods Inc.

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