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The Founder of Eticool School Says Kids Need to Learn Manners

Monday, 15 November 2021 07:45 PM

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Etiquette program believes that education in solid social skills is the only way to stop bullying

HOUSTON, TX / ACCESSWIRE / November 15, 2021 / Recent statistics show America's schools are dealing with a bullying epidemic. According to a 2019 report from the National Bullying Prevention Center, one out of every five (20.2%) students reports being bullied. The report also states 41% of students who reported being bullied at school indicated that they think the bullying would happen again.

There is also disturbing evidence showing any involvement with bullying behavior is one stressor that may significantly contribute to feelings of helplessness and hopelessness and may raise the risk of suicide.

The CDC is taking a serious look at how to prevent bullying and urging parents and schools to take steps to protect children from this dangerous behavior that can damage a child's self-esteem and contribute to long-term mental health consequences.

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Helen Sage Perry, Founder of Eticool School, has taught etiquette and manners to over 9000 kids since 1992. She says, "if you've ever been a victim of bullying, it's unforgettable whether 55 minutes or 55 years ago. That sinking pain in the pit of your stomach, the quivering lip, the sheer humiliation. But, as I tell my students, remember that as the bully is pointing one finger at you, the other four are pointed back at the bully him/herself."

Perry says her own experience with being bullied as a child was one of the reasons she wanted to show kids how to stand up for themselves against a bully. "In the 7th grade, I was transferred to a new school. The most popular boy in the class told me I was the ugliest girl in the class. "Your dress is ugly; your shoes are ugly; everything about you is UGLY!" I wanted to evaporate."

It's most common for parents and school administrators to tell kids to ignore a bully. Perry says, "that is not enough. I teach students how to spot a bully and how to react, never taking on a victim role but becoming better and stronger, tapping into their genius zone. Ignore and grow. Ignore the bully and grow into your best self, giving bullies no ammunition to tease."

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The CDC has many resources to help parents and schools help kids cope with problems in healthy ways and solve problems peacefully. A focus on positive and empowering messages that build resilience and acceptance is essential. Perry's Eticool School is based on the underlying message of kindness and consideration. "I teach kindness as a default behavior. Students with good social skills are bullied less and are more confident."

The CDC is also conducting ongoing research to further assist parents and schools in how to combat bullying. At Eticool School, Perry has an additional goal. "My mission to stop bullying includes a goal of reaching one million-plus young people in the next five years. This week, the parent coordinator from that very junior high where I was bullied reached out to me, never knowing the history there. I've been asked to come back to that school and teach manners, kindness, and consideration to 1,000 students. I'd say I have a lot to share with those students. We've come full circle.

She adds, "while we're in the valleys of life, we just want out. May our obstacles make us stronger, more resilient, and ignite the fire within us to make the world a better place!"


Eticool School was founded in 1992 by Helen Sage Perry - a corporate and personal image consultant - with the goal of teaching kids good manners and etiquette. Perry has taught over 9000 students how to develop emotional and social intelligence, including manners, kindness, and consideration. Eticool's mission is to abolish bullying from the ground up, beginning with an aim to reach and educate over 1 million young people within the next five years. For more information, visit

Helen Perry
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