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Gain Digital Immortality with New Legacy Platform from HereAfter AI; Preserve Memories and Never Lose the Voices of the People You Love

Tuesday, 16 November 2021 07:00 AM

Hereafter AI

Interactive platform lets you share your voice, stories, personality, and photos with loved ones for generations to come

EL CERRITO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / November 16, 2021 / Today HereAfter AI is launching a first-of-its kind platform that lets users create voice avatars to share their life stories with loved ones. Using conversational AI, HereAfter is reinventing remembrance, making memories dynamic, instantly accessible, and engaging.

Unlike life story books that gather dust on shelves, or photos and videos that get lost on hard drives, the HereAfter app is interactive-you talk to it, and it talks back. Accessible via a web and mobile app, the app understands a wide range of life story questions and instantly finds the best answers.

Here's how the platform works:

  • Through the app, users connect with a friendly chatbot interviewer who asks story-inspiring questions and records peoples' spoken replies.
  • Users can also upload photos to accompany the stories they tell.
  • HereAfter AI's biographical platform takes those recordings and automatically creates a custom voice avatar, unique for each user.
  • Family members and close friends can then chat with the avatars by speaking to the app or smart home speakers. Following their curiosity and using whatever wording they like, users can ask questions like "what's your earliest memory," "who was your first love," "how did you pick your career," "when did you feel happiest," or "what is grandma's fantastic lasagna recipe?"
  • The avatar replies with stories, memories, and advice, speaking in the recorded voice of the person who created it. Photos related to the stories show onscreen at the same time.
  • Each avatar also represents the unique personality of its creator, making small talk, telling jokes, singing songs, and employing the person's distinctive manner of speaking.

"How many times do we wish we could talk to a loved one just one more time?" said James Vlahos, HereAfter AI's cofounder and CEO. A former tech journalist and the author of a book about conversational AI, his motivation for launching the company was personal. "When my father was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, I knew I wanted to figure out a better way to remember him." Vlahos spent a year programming a persona-sharing AI that he called the Dadbot. After receiving attention from around the world, including from a cover story in Wired, and fielding inquiries from people who wanted something similar to preserve memories of their own loved ones, Vlahos launched HereAfter AI.

"Imagine seeing your full family tree, going back generations," Vlahos says. "But instead of just learning basic facts-birthdates, marriages, names of children- you can actually have conversations with your ancestors. You can learn about their lives through engaging stories. You can get a sense for their personalities."

One early user, Debbie E., explained, "Hearing my dad's stories, I learned more about his life than I had ever known previously. HereAfter is precious to me and will be a great gift for my family forever."

Creating voice avatars on the HereAfter AI platform is free. Plans for sharing the avatars with family members start at $7.99 per month. To learn more, visit ​​

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About HereAfter AI

HereAfter AI is a software company that is reinventing remembrance. It does so with Life Story Avatars-personalized AIs that share your stories, personality, and voice for generations to come. For more information, visit or email [email protected].


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SOURCE: Hereafter AI

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