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Element.Black Establishes Partnership with Artist Mikail Akar

Thursday, November 11, 2021 6:25 PM

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / November 11, 2021 / Element.Black is a fully realized decentralized network that is completely designed to work around NFTs. The platform combines NFT minting, the Pixel Infinity game, an NFT marketplace, and an IP trading platform. All powered by the native token of the ecosystem $ELT.

NFTs have been a major boost for digital artists worldwide. Not only as a way to distribute art pieces but also as a new medium to discover new talent. Element.Black is happy to announce a partnership with Mikail Akar, called the most talented Pop Art and Abstract artists of his generation and named by the press „the new Picasso".

Who is Mikail Akar?

Mikail Akar is one of the most inspirational figures in the plastics art scene. Born in Germany in 2012, Mikail has managed to build an entire career despite his young age. At the age of four, Mikail displayed a latent talent for plastic art, creating his first piece at that age. His output generated enough attention that in 2017, he had his first art exhibition in the SBK Haus Cologne on August 13th.

His style works around bright colors combined with an intensive analytic touch. Most of his works are sold on European art dealerships with prices averaging 10,000 to 15,000 euros. Some of his most prized titles are "Champi" and "Cosmo" which have attracted the attention of critics and the general public.

After his debut in 2017, Mikail has had another eleven art exhibitions. The works have been shown in some of the most prestigious art galleries in Europe and are part of many private collections.

Element.Black Partners with Mikail Akar Element.

Black is very proud to partner with such a promising artist. Mikail will be minting some of his art pieces on the Element.Black platform. The initial distribution will be exclusive to the Element NFT Marketplace.

Second, Mikail Akar will be creating exclusive new works using Pixel Infinity. The blockchain-based game allows people to create NFTs where several users contribute individual pixels to each NFT. Mikail will lend his sense of esthetics and use of color to the platform and mint NFTs using these tools.

We are sure that the partnership will showcase the strengths of Element.Black. The artworks tokenized as NFTs and the exclusive Pixel Infinity collaboration are an amazing opportunity. Both will demonstrate the creative freedom NFTs give to individual creators and the benefits of blockchain distribution.

Element.Black created this entire new ecosystem with the aim of empowering talent worldwide. Mikail Akar is the perfect partner to demonstrate all the virtues of this new model of art distribution and creation. NFTs are helping to bring down the walls preventing new artists from being discovered.

Mikail Akar's inspiring journey will not only attract NFT collectors but also show the way to all those talented individuals yet to make a breakthrough. We are happy to make this announcement as it's the best example of the Element.Black mission being realized.

About Mikail Akar

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About Element.Black

Element Black is an NFT game development and infrastructure company that is focused on growing its game platform/ game center and game development as well as the NFT marketplace development. Element Black offers various entertainment services such as games, movies, music, art, and audio. Also, the ecosystem is known for its Element Marketplace, Digital Wallet & Decentralized application, Game Center, Public Chain, and Staking & Protocol.

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SOURCE: Element.Black

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