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Dr. Rajeev Fernando's Global Provaxxer Campaign

Tuesday, November 16, 2021 9:00 AM

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / November 16, 2021 / Dr. Rajeev Fernando is a globally renowned Infectious Diseases physician. Since April 2020, he has worked in multiple COVID 19 field hospitals across the country. In May 2000, his charity formed the 'Mask up earth' campaign. Masking up was critical at this time as there were no vaccines. Rajeev is also an evolving fashion designer and designed these masks simply labelled LOVE. Since then, he and his team- Sriram, Amy and Chiraag have distributed 70,000 reusable multi layer masks around the world. 36 countries to date. His charity set up a free 14 bed hospital when the Delta strain evolved in India and there was a shortage of oxygen and beds. He is a fellow in Disaster Medicine with a special focus on Bioterrorism.

CHIRAJ, Tuesday, November 16, 2021, Press release picture

"I am concerned about the malicious use of mRNA technology and genome editing with CRISPR technology can alter the molecular structure of a virus to become more infectious and more easily transmissible. Imagining the unimaginable is key to staying ahead in Disaster Medicine," he said.

His clever 'prov-axxer' campaign is to fight off the anti-vaxxer movement spreading dangerous misinformation across social media platforms. Rajeev has hosted numerous presentations answering questions regarding the He has designed pro vaxxer masks and have distributed these masks all over the country. African Americans and Hispanic people are at risk for COVID 19 and the day focuses on vaccine education in the community. You can see him on the streets of Queens stressing the importance of getting vaccinated. In many parts of the country, the unvaccinated young people are driving the pandemic, and his current campaign targets TikTok, fashion shows, and the CHIRAJ dance troupe spreading the word. He has been on the frontlines since last year and shows no signs of stopping. His energy is simply "infectious." Beyond COVID 19, CHIRAJ continues its work supporting impoverished and marginalized women and children around the world. They will continue to grow into 2022. Go to to get your free mask.


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