Making a Career Change: Perspective from Sopris Solar Founder Nathan Billmaier
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Making a Career Change: Perspective from Sopris Solar Founder Nathan Billmaier

Tuesday, November 9, 2021 9:50 AM
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DENVER, CO / ACCESSWIRE / November 9, 2021 / While many daydream and aimlessly consider making a career change, it is rare for mid- or late-career professionals to completely abandon their current line of work to jump to a new industry or opportunity. Just ask Nathan Billmaier, former lawyer and now CEO and founder of Sopris Solar, a full-service solar installation and sales company providing alternative energy solutions for residential and commercial customers.

"When I first announced I'd be leaving law to pursue a career running a solar energy startup, many of my colleagues didn't really take my decision seriously," remembers Nathan Billmaier. "However, as that career change became increasingly successful, and Sopris Solar developed into the company that it is today, I'm more than convinced I made the right decision."

A successful career change can be rewarding, both personally and professionally, but to make it a true victory, one must be prepared to invest money and time into ensuring your decision to change careers is well-thought-out. If you're considering a career change, here are some of Nathan Billmaier's top tips to help increase your chances for a successful switch.

Assess Your Skills

As with any big decision, the first step for anyone considering a career change should involve a healthy dose of self-reflection.

"While my change in career paths may have seemed unexpected," says Nathan Billmaier, "I made the decision to change paths based on extensive self-reflection on my personal skills and values, and decided where I would be best suited to work."

If you're a mid-career employee looking to decide if it's time for a career change, evaluating your values, skills, personality, and interests are essential to finding a soft landing. Some do this through online self-assessment tools known as career tests. These tools can generate a list of potential occupations that have been deemed appropriate based on your answers and interests. If you're looking for more personal help, a career counselor or an online career development professional can help you narrow down your options and find your new career path.

Explore Your Options

While a new list of exciting potential career paths may seem alluring, it is important to thoroughly examine and explore each of these paths before making any moves that may jeopardize your future.

"Once you have a couple of ideas of where you want to go, it is advisable to try and explore them through job descriptions and listings," notes Nathan Billmaier. "Figure out what these positions are like in the day-to-day, and what the salary may be like, or what sort of educational background is necessary to pursue a specific career."

Now that you've excluded a few options from your list, you can begin to dive more deeply into exploring each individual career. One way to learn about a new career option is to conduct informational interviews with people currently employed in your new field or position and learn more about the specific requirements your new job may entail.

Set Your Sights on the Future

If you've done adequate research, the only remaining step is to begin preparations for your new career.

"These preparations may look different from person to person," notes Nathan Billmaier. "For some industries and fields, you may need to spend time developing the proper certifications and educational experience to be fully qualified."

With the proper training under your belt, you're ready to finally say goodbye to your job and head to the new career of your dreams.

While the idea of transitioning to a new career may be frightening, a successful transition can be an incredibly rewarding and life-altering experience. For Nathan Billmaier, transitioning to Sopris Solar is a decision he still holds as one of the most valuable of his entire career. If you're interested in more expert career advice from Nathan, be sure to check out his latest articles, and his work at Sopris Solar.

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