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Rozenblat Realty Group Announces How Taylor Rozenblat Keeps The Real Estate Experience Modern

Tuesday, 09 November 2021 06:30 AM

MONTREAL, QC / ACCESSWIRE / November 9, 2021 / Taylor Rozenblat is a Canadian Real Estate Broker and entrepreneur who assists clients throughout the greater Montreal area. Montreal is one of the hottest markets in Canada with surging prices and fast moving deals. Rozenblat's personalized approach helps clients navigate the fast moving market with ease and find the perfect home for them. Taylor made her entry to the Real Estate scene at a young age, graduating school and getting her license at 22, but continues to prove herself as a top of the line broker in an extremely competitive industry. Taylor learned the importance of finding a mentor and learning the intricacies of Real Estate and the legal work behind it, going on to say that there aren't any resources to teach new Real Estate professionals these skills.

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A Budding Entrepreneur

Ever since childhood Taylor has always had a passion for architecture and interior design. Rozenblat stated that as a kid she was always fascinated by different types of buildings and often found herself gazing in awe at them. Taylor recalls noticing the furnishings and interior design whenever she would visit homes or hotels which led to her realizing her passion and turning it into a career. Taylor's family owns and operates RR Group, a real estate agency that specializes in luxury properties. Rozenblat is a successful entrepreneur outside of real estate as well, founding and operating multiple other businesses.

Not Your Average Broker

Rozenblat, who is known as a trustworthy and reputable broker, establishes a personal relationship with every client and firmly believes that the best way to accommodate someone is by forming a connection with them. Taylor always presents herself authentically and loves to utilize her fashion sense to stand out from other brokers while remaining professional. Taylor's competitive edge allows her to provide a fresh approach to real estate that is a relief to her clients. Real estate is a very cutthroat field, especially in one of the most competitive markets like Montreal and Taylor stresses the importance of constant goal setting to remain motivated. Rozenblat then went on to say that success is built from the ability to self discipline and remain focused on the goals you set for yourself.

Taking Control of The Future

Taylor is always looking for new ways to grow both professionally and personally, and looks forward to the future. Moving in to the commercial real estate sector is something Rozenblat has wanted to do for a long time. For Taylor future success as a broker means continuing to get new listings every month and close a deal every week. Taylor expressed that everyone expected the market to crash due to COVID-19 but the opposite happened and nobody is sure when or if the market will correct itself. Rozenblat doesn't limit herself to real estate by continuously seeking out new hustles and ways to invest.

Learn More

To learn more about Taylor Rozenblat or view available listings click here.

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SOURCE: Rozenblat Realty Group

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