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CryptoProfit Launches A New Generation Of Crypto Mining, Set Sights On Taking Mining To The Next Level

Saturday, 06 November 2021 07:25 AM

SAN FRANCISCO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / November 6, 2021 / CryptoProfit is gradually emerging as one of the most promising crypto mining platforms for cryptocurrency enthusiasts across the globe and is proud to announce about the launch of its platform. The company is taking advantage of mining's increasing popularity among investors that are passionate about digital currencies and intend to profit from mining cryptos.

CryptoProfit, Saturday, November 6, 2021, Press release picture

More so, it is opening the door for individuals with zero mining experience to take advantage of this miner to increase their chances of making profits from mining digital currency.

Features of CryptoProfit

CryptoProfit aims to make mining profitable for its users. Besides its low power consumption that enhances the profitability of using the platform, it also boasts unprecedented high hash rates in the crypto mining industry, another factor working in its favor.

Some other benefits of using the miner are its low noise production, no heat, universal power socket adapter, and fast return on investment.

Key products

The miner has also released some technologies to boost production such as CP1, CP2, ASIC miners, and CP Pro. These technologies have brought a significant improvement to the traditional way of mining crypto that was previously adopted by stakeholders in the mining industry.

These products are multipurpose. They can be used to mine Bitcoin and some altcoins such as Ethereum, Litecoin, and Monero.

These units consume low power and can operate with just 10kb/second internet data speed. The hash powers and their power consumption are listed below:

CP 1 Miner: Litecoin 45 GH/s, Bitcoin 390 TH/s, Monero 3.5 MH/s, Ethereum 3 GH/s, and 600W power consumption. With just $4,500, you can have the CP 1 Minter.

CP 2 Miner: Litecoin 68 GH/s, Bitcoin 650 Th/s, Monero 8 MH/s, Ethereum 6 GH/s, and 800W power consumption. This product is available for $6,500.

CP Pro Miner: Litecoin 220 GH/s, Bitcoin 2150 TH/s, Monero 19 MH/s, Ethereum 15 GH/s, and 2200W power consumption. The CP Pro Miner can be yours for $17,000.

CP PRO consumes less than 300 USD worth of power monthly. AW Pro makes mining a lot easier and more comfortable for miners, unlike most of the other products available in the cryptocurrency market.

Additional benefits for the miners

CryptoProfit has put in the work to make mining through its platform profitable for its users. It waives off the shipping and customs fees to reduce production costs and increase profit margin.

CryptoProfit has a vision: "bringing unprecedented crypto mining opportunities for all types of investors." It aims to achieve this through its innovative technology and experienced team of enlightened minds and engineers who pull their resources and experience together to give the crypto mining market nothing but the best technology.

CryptoProfit aims to revolutionize the crypto mining industry and offers cryptocurrency miners a wide range of products that will make mining a lot profitable for them.

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Company Name: CryptoProfit
Contact Name: Jorge Quinlan
Email: [email protected]

SOURCE: CryptoProfit

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