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FaZe Clan Owner David Chen Joins Nobility

Friday, 05 November 2021 05:00 PM

Nobility Esports LLC

TAMPA BAY, FL / ACCESSWIRE / November 5, 2021 / David "Panda" Chen, venture capitalist and co-owner of FaZe Clan, has taken on a new project - Nobility, a crypto startup poised to revolutionize the esports industry by organizing tournaments with large prize pools and streamlining the payment process for professional gamers, Twitch streamers, and ultimately the gaming community as a whole.

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It's not the first time Chen has gotten involved with crypto; making his initial entrance in 2017 as CFO and VP of Business Strategy at SparkleCoin, Chen has long been interested in blockchain technology and its role in the 4th industrial revolution.

All of this is based on a solid understanding of financial fundamentals. Initially making his mark at Deloitte as one of its youngest managing partners, Chen oversaw a $1 billion merger at just 34 years old, earning himself and his team the prestigious "Standards of Excellence Award" from the Global Deloitte firm back in 2010.

Venturing out on his own in 2015, Chen went on to fund BLCP Capital, an investment firm that purchased several entities and oversaw the mergers of over a dozen corporations. Serving as partner and treasurer, Chen gained valuable experience that he was able to apply to his second venture GTIF capital, a firm involved in a diverse range of industries from commercial lending, consulting and advisory services, real estate, esports, and blockchain application building.

As an early investor in FaZe Clan back in 2018, Chen sits on the board as co-owner and hands-on advisor to this day and has even played a crucial role in landing two members of the esports team a slot in a 2019 Super Bowl commercial. Established in 2010 and gaining major mainstream recognition towards the end of the decade, FaZe has become one of the world's most prominent players in esports, in no small part to Chen's role on the team.

It's through his connections and experience in both esports and blockchain that Chen brings the most value to Nobility. As a well-known mover and shaker within these industries, Chen receives pitches for hundreds of projects every month, choosing to work with categorically few.

In addition to the startup's strong fundamentals and innovative business plan, it was the passion of Nobility CEO Kyle McDougal that inspired Chen to come on board. The two have developed a close professional relationship based on their shared belief in Nobility's vision - a universal gaming cryptocurrency.

Nobility's team is currently focused on the organization and promotion of their monthly esports tournaments, establishing themselves as major players within the field by connecting with esports professionals and influencers.

This is a task made much simpler with Chen's connections to both FaZe and the North American Collegiate League, a non-profit esports organization of which he's the CEO. The NACL has been hosting and broadcasting gaming events on college campuses since 2019, giving out scholarships as prizes. Chen's background here is a major benefit to Nobility in setting up their own esports tournaments.

These tournaments are but one of several aspects of Nobility's long-term plan to dominate the world of esports. Currently in their 2nd quarter, the company is gearing up to expand their coin to several new exchanges in their 3rd, at which point they will also introduce Nobility as a payment option on platforms such as Twitch, Blizzard, Steam, and other gaming-related platforms.

It's the utility of this token that makes it stand out - Nobility is creating a cohesive ecosystem where gamers earn tokens from these tournaments that can then be spent on all other aspects of gaming life, boosting the coin's value while streamlining the lives of hundreds of millions.

Although his official role to the startup is that of an advisor, Chen owns equity and acts as a core member of the team. Working closely with CEO McDougal, CMO Chris Frederick, and Business Developer Alex Moeller, Chen is taking an active role in developing what he believes is the number one esports-crypto startup to watch - and with his involvement it most certainly is.

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