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GoZone WiFi Continues to Support the Restaurant Industry

Wednesday, 03 November 2021 04:10 PM

ST. PETERSBURG, FL / ACCESSWIRE / November 3, 2021 / GoZone WiFi, a U.S. marketing, analytics, and advertising platform, has released new Smart WiFi outcomes to help restaurants gather information, increase loyalty, and advertise to customers in a time when many businesses are still reeling from COVID.

GoZone WiFi, Wednesday, November 3, 2021, Press release picture

Given the fact that 84% of restaurant-goers base their decision to patronize a restaurant upon the presence and quality of its WiFi, it's never been more important to integrate Smart WiFi.

GoZone WiFi solutions provide restaurants with various tools needed to succeed at getting customers to patronize their businesses.

Each option provides different outcomes to bolster a specific part of a restaurant's plan to offer a unique customer experience that keeps people coming back while increasing revenue pathways.

Marketing4Wifi simplifies the marketing experience, empowering restaurants to:

  1. Entice customers with free access to WiFi
  2. Gain valuable information upon customer logins, such as email address, surveys, or SMS
    1. Restaurants may then use data to send targeted emails and SMS to engage customers at opportune times, providing reminders or deals for birthdays or simply to get a repeat visit
  3. Brand a customers' entire WiFi experience to promote deals, events, and offerings like delivery

With this setup, everyone gets what they want. Customers get WiFi to use while they dine, and the business obtains valuable data that it can use to increase return visits, learn about customer demographics, and attract new patrons.

A hallmark of successful restaurants in the post-COVID world will be the opportunity to regain customer loyalty. The past year has been a trying time for all businesses, and restaurants continue to face difficulties. Fortunately, Smart WiFi can rise to the challenge to help restaurants overcome many of the most significant problems.

For starters, analyzing WiFi login data can help a business determine its busiest times and then use that data to aid with traffic flow and seating in a building. This can promote overcrowding and promote feelings of safety among patrons.

Smart WiFi is also a valuable tool for creating a customer loyalty program. The SMS numbers and emails gathered during WiFI logins can be directly integrated into a business's CRM software, providing businesses with a direct link to customers' information.

That data can be used to incentivize customers to return at opportune times by sending direct messages while also providing them with individualized offers that are most likely to get them into the restaurant. Birthdays, anniversaries, or other regular interactions can each be added to the CRM and utilized to promote sales.

Furthermore, a business gains the ability to directly request customer reviews which have greater potential to be positive, thereby increasing the likelihood that more people will come to the restaurant.

Utilizing GoZone's WiFi for restaurants will promote safety and sales side by side while also generating a significant ROI, minimizing the relative cost of engaging GoZone WiFi's Smart system.

GoZone's Smart WiFi framework is already established; restaurants can start setting up their WiFi systems right now to gain customers, actionable data, and an edge in their market.

GoZone WiFi, Wednesday, November 3, 2021, Press release picture

About GoZone WiFi

GoZone WiFi is a SaaS company providing guest engagement and advertising solutions to businesses large and small. The GoZone's Smart WiFi Suite helps companies innovate as they reach out to their customers and advertising partners. You can contact GoZone WiFi at (877) 554-WiFi or [email protected]

SOURCE: WheelHouse IT

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