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Avinash Gupta Brings 4 Decades of Experience to the Indian Eco-community

Tuesday, 02 November 2021 12:00 PM

Avinash Gupta's expertise in Indian eco stretches across decades, economic swings, and transitions of power.

SUKHDEV VIHAR, NEW DELHI, INDIA / ACCESSWIRE / November 2, 2021 / Economies worldwide continue to face the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. For some long-term investors and professionals in the economic sector, such as Avinash Gupta, the pandemic is tragic. Still, the related financial issues and market swings are the newest shift for the Indian eco and the global economy.

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Avinash Gupta has over four decades of experience in various aspects of the Indian economic system and business owners. Through his long career in finance, accounting, the stock market, electronics, and the commercial and residential real estate market, Avinash Gupta has experienced various personal financial ups and downs as the market shifted.

Past financial downturns cut Avinash Gupta's wealth

In 2008, as the global markets experienced a massive downturn sparked, in part, by the subprime mortgage financial crises in the United States, Avinash Gupta saw his bottom line drop.

As the value of the U.S. dollar crashed to nearly 30% profit value, a thriving export business Avinash Gupta owned lost a large sum of money. However, this company was only one of his investments. In 1987, with the encouragement of his wife, Gupta first dabbled in real estate and created a highly successful residential and commercial property empire.

Avinash Gupta believes building and maintaining good personal and professional relationships starts with a friendly, focused mentality. This mindset is a crucial component of his long-term success as he has watched 12 prime ministers lead India through his working years and raising his family.

His two sons' strong sense of direction and self-motivation made it possible to become an independent business professional, and both men are in rewarding careers in the engineering industry.

With over four decades of experience, it may seem like there is nothing new to learn in eco or adjacent areas. Still, Avinash Gupta remains committed to the growth of both his network and his knowledge.

Through yoga, Avinash Gupta remains centered, and he consistently seeks out new areas for innovation and growth. Even now, he reads multiple English newspapers daily and continues to study accounting and mathematics to stay sharp and up-to-date.

"The consciousness starts with opening up your mind," Avinash Gupta says.

The next forty years will be a time of ongoing growth as he explores the gold, currency, and share equity movement and continues to enjoy his family. Traveling and meeting new people and exploring new cultures will allow Avinash Gupta to bring back more diverse experiences for significant changes in India's economy. For someone who remembers a negative GDP in India, the future is bright.


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SOURCE: Avinash Gupta

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