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Cliff Maloney Discusses The Need For Grassroots Advocacy

Wednesday, 27 October 2021 11:05

FORT WALTON BEACH, FL / ACCESSWIRE / October 27, 2021 / What is meant by grassroots advocacy? Why is it a great idea to get involved politically on the grassroots level? How can the average person make a difference in this way? Cliff Maloney answers these questions.

What Is the Definition of the Term "Grassroots Advocacy?"

According to Cliff Maloney "grassroots advocacy" means when a political movement consists of people at the local level getting involved in one of the following:

  1. A campaign for political office
  2. An initiative to support a specific idea or policy position

These people truly believe in the person or the cause they are representing and hope to make a difference in their community. A key to authentic grassroots advocacy is having a motivation that drives you to support either the candidate or the solution you are fighting for.

Cliff Maloney Explains the Cost and Effectiveness of Grassroots Advocacy

In 2020, America's elections cost north of $14.4 billion. That's a new record. But Cliff Maloney tells us that the one thing money can't buy is grassroots support. Understanding how to utilize your resources financially is a key factor to winning political office. But Cliff Maloney also explains that using your volunteer resources to create a grassroots army is just as effective, with the right plan and execution.

The myth that money buys elections is false. Money certainly helps, but nothing can outperform raw, organic support from the voters. This is why candidates like Bernie Sanders were able to continuously keep up with the war chest that Hillary Clinton had in 2016. Why? Because, although I disagree with him vehemently on domestic spending policy, Bernie Sanders stood for something real. Voters are attracted to authenticity in a political world ripe with crooks and frauds.

A grassroots army proves that you can outperform money by being organized and mobilizing your supporters to take action.

What Grassroots Activists Does Cliff Maloney recommend?

With minimal resources, a grassroots activist can accomplish quite a bit. Cliff Maloney tells us that voter contact is the best way to get politicians to engage and support their cause. Mobilizing large amounts of voters will get the attention of a politician and you would be surprised how many politicians only care about one thing: getting reelected.

Because of this, a grassroots activist has immense power. Organizing in the following ways can force a politician to support your policy solution or help a champion get elected that you are supporting:

  1. Calling voters
  2. Knocking on voters doors
  3. Texting voters
  4. Writing handwritten letters to voters

Cliff Maloney Explains the "Safe Harbor" and Why It Benefits Grassroots Activists

Politicians have a secret. Cliff Maloney explains this by telling us that they have one wish and that is to do nothing.

Doing nothing is the safe harbor of politics. Why? Cliff Maloney tells us that this is true because when a politician takes any position on a bill… it will upset someone. When a politician just sticks to the chicken dinners, parades, and photo ops… it's a win-win for the politician.

Remember, politicians are driven by the desire to get elected. That's what gives them their prestige and power.

Cliff Maloney offers a free tip for grassroots activists: make the politician fear (politically) their ability to get re-elected, unless they support your initiative, and watch as the politician folds like a cheap suit and supports your cause. Hell, the best grassroots activists get their elected officials to champion the activists' cause.


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SOURCE: Cliff Maloney

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