How ArtistOnGo Is Combining Cutting Edge Technology With The Need To Help Small And Medium Sized Businesses. Find Out Their Story Below
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How ArtistOnGo Is Combining Cutting Edge Technology With The Need To Help Small And Medium Sized Businesses. Find Out Their Story Below

Wednesday, October 20, 2021 12:30 PM
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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / October 20, 2021 / The partnership between business and technology has always been a close relationship with many pioneering technologies first getting their test runs in the business world. Whether it is product development, new softwares, or other technological advancements, many businesses look to the tech world to help them stay ahead of the curve and their competition.

ArtistOnGo is a business that combines the leading services in technology while delivering products to consumers. The business helps small & medium business owners (i.e. salon owners) and independent beauty professionals to use their resources and skills in an optimum way so they can make three times more income with zero investments. The users are working the same hours and without having the burden of increased hours or clientele or amount of work. ArtistOnGo enables every single user to make three times the money and experience the freedom and convenience of being an independent business owner because they are not linked to a larger infrastructure like they normally would be.

During COVID, when a lot of creators and professionals saw their incomes dry up, ArtistOnGo provided them a way to be employed and continue to contribute to the economy in a safe and responsible manner. The technology behind ArtistOnGo enables both the salon owners and the creators to help each other, be economically benefited, and have the freedom and control over their work environment. This is especially important for care takers and single parents, amongst many other people, who had to forgo help and had the additional burden of caring for family and earning a living to support themselves and contributing to the economy.

The ArtistOnGo team realizes how crucial a haircut is, but how hard it can be to schedule one or find the right fit for your style and needs. The website allows the user to pick a number of options that fit their comfort measures and or let them connect to wifi to not miss that work meeting while getting their haircut. Though these may seem like small adjustments, the ArtistOnGo platform is combining technology with the power of the beauty industry to make both customer and salon owner feel empowered and connected to a larger group of people that they originally may not have been able to reach due to a more closed off traditional clientele system. In other words, AOG allows creators to rent spaces in existing salons and spas, work independently and enjoy full creative and financial freedom. Think of it as Wework + shopify for beauty and wellness creators. AOG is live in NYC and Miami.

The creator of AOG is Aarti Manwani. Though you may think that someone who created a profile based on technology, marketing, and business would have some kind of background in the world of entrepreneurship, you would be wrong when it comes to Aarti. Instead, her unique background has allowed her to see business and technology in a new and unique way, which has helped facilitate the success of ArtistOnGo.

"I am one of the few people who has a tech background and uses technology and my expertise to build products and that is unique. Usually, people are either tech or consumer or marketing. The combination I have is unique and highly needed to be a leader. I take old business models and use tech to entirely change and redefine those industries. My work is super important because I work on massive problems and use innovative technologies to build game-changing products. All the work I have done is super important in the technology landscape," Aarti explains.

AOG's next projects include helping other founders and product people bring their vision to life and in turn help build tech and products. They do so by being an advisor to companies, participating in judging competitions and mentoring young technologists.

To find out more about ArtistOnGo, you can check out their website here.


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