What ESG Compliance Means for Businesses: Jorge Arevalo
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What ESG Compliance Means for Businesses: Jorge Arevalo

Tuesday, October 19, 2021 11:45 AM
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MIAMI, FL / ACCESSWIRE / October 19, 2021 / Environmental social government compliance, or ESG for short, establishes standards for a company's operations that investors use to screen potential investments through a lens of sustainability and social responsibility. ESG compliance helps investors measure the overall societal impact of investing in a company and can sometimes determine the financial viability of a company. While all three components of ESG are equally important, the environmental piece can be extremely difficult for some companies to address due to high startup costs and limited availability of easily integrated systems.

eCombustible Products Holdings, a company dedicated to producing a hydrogen-based, carbon-free fuel that replaces and outperforms fossil fuels, is on a mission to help companies reduce their negative environmental impact. Founder and CEO Jorge Arevalo understands how difficult it can be for certain companies to improve their environmental impact.

"For companies that have relied on nonrenewable energy for decades, it can be a significant time and resource investment to ensure their operations are more sustainable," says Jorge Arevalo. "However, failure to do so could, in the future, dissuade potential investors and lead to capital loss over time. eCombustible helps companies immediately and materially reduce their carbon footprint."

Why are companies increasingly investing in environmental compliance?

Adhering to ESG compliance can add value to a company in terms of investment opportunities, which will attract investors and ultimately lead to increased capital over time. Socially conscious investors want to know that their investments are being used in a sustainable and ethical way, so it's important now more than ever for companies to ensure that they have a strong ESG compliance plan. According to EY, 75 percent of investors "would find value in assurance of the robustness of an organization's planning for climate risks."

"While we most often think that investment decisions are made by considering financial factors, non-financial factors such as environmental impact are becoming just as important," says Jorge Arevalo. "I know firsthand that environmentally-aware investors want their investments to be aligned with their long-term values."

How can eCombustible help achieve compliance?

As a renewable hydrogen-based fuel, eCombustible is uniquely positioned to offer an almost immediate solution for companies looking to incorporate environmental compliance into their energy operations. Because of its ability to be tailored to the customer's facility and equipment without any major modifications, eCombustible fuel is easily integrated into existing systems and structures, therefore allowing for immediate material steps toward ESG compliance, faster than almost any other fuel, while also being carbon-free.

For example, imagine a mining company that relies on natural gas as a primary source of energy to be burned in a boiler. Once the company makes the switch to eCombustible, it would move into compliance fairly quickly as it would then be operating on a renewable and sustainable fuel source. While there may still be CO2 from the prior natural gas energy source that needs to be burned off over time to get down to carbon-free, the company now burning eCombustible will not be releasing any additional gas into the atmosphere.

"eCombustible is a major step forward in companies having better access to sustainable and renewable energy sources," says Jorge Arevalo. "At the end of the day, corporate leaders and investors alike should want their operations to have as little impact on the environment as possible, and eCombustible can help achieve those goals almost immediately."


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