DrOwl and AMAC Announce a Strategic Partnership To Help Empower Seniors To Understand Their Medicare and Medicaid Records
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DrOwl and AMAC Announce a Strategic Partnership To Help Empower Seniors To Understand Their Medicare and Medicaid Records

Tuesday, October 19, 2021 8:30 AM
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Giving seniors a new way to access and share their medical histories on-demand

ALBUQUERQUE, NM / ACCESSWIRE / October 19, 2021 / DrOwl, a HIPAA-compliant medical platform built on patented technology, today announced a strategic partnership with The Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC) to provide its members with the ability to access and share their Centers for Medicare and Medicaid medical records for free, from anywhere, at any time. DrOwl helps seniors better understand their healthcare records and take a proactive approach in managing their wellbeing.

"It's a natural fit for DrOwl to partner with AMAC because we both work tirelessly towards helping to make people's lives better", said Arvind Raichur, CEO, and Co-Founder of DrOwl. "We're excited to partner with them to provide seniors and their families the ability to easily store, access, and share their medical records via DrOwl's platform. We put patients first while helping them to better understand their health, which can help lead to better results for everyone."

Healthcare records belong to the patient and by law, providers are required to make them available. This rule that went into effect earlier this year, gives people the ability to retrieve and share their medical information, removing the barriers between patients and healthcare providers.

DrOwl was created due to patient demand for greater access and visibility and gives individuals control over their records. Users can sync their medical records from different providers, combine them into one convenient place and share records with providers and caregivers. Patients can connect to thousands of medical providers, including Medicare and Medicaid, and receive a combined health report summary of their conditions, medications, and allergies. This makes care decisions far easier for seniors to have one health record with an infinite number of uses.

At some point, everyone needs a healthcare advocate whether for one's self or a family member. Users can add caregivers to their DrOwl account so that family members can participate in the care of their loved ones and understand their conditions and medications in a whole new way. This is especially crucial in a medical emergency because an advocate can easily share a Patient Snapshot of conditions, medications, and allergies with medical personnel, providing key information to the medical team. Full visibility into medical histories could help make the ultimate difference in the outcome.

Patients also have the ability to make corrections to potentially dangerous errors or omissions in their records. DrOwl users can delete things that are inaccurate and add medications to their list if needed. Over 70% of medical records contain at least one error, some of which are significant.

"When a family member had a stroke, trying to access and share medical records with multiple doctors, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, pharmacies, and even between my mother and siblings was at times overwhelming", said David Weber, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Marketing Officer of AMAC. "DrOwl would have been an invaluable tool for us, and it would have enabled us to easily access, review, and share critical medical information when needed and on-demand. We're pleased to be able to present DrOwl's services, in a secure and HIPAA-compliant package, to AMAC members. Even if they only use it for the convenience of keeping track of their records and not necessarily for a major healthcare issue, the tool will empower people to take control of their own healthcare records."

The aging process is never an easy one and having a committed team like DrOwl and AMAC working together on your behalf can help to unlock the potential of electronic healthcare records. Seniors will now have an easier, user-friendly, and more secure way to remain in control of their healthcare history, records, medical care, and taking an active role in their health decisions.

Users can get started by downloading DrOwl for free from the iTunes or Google Play app stores.

About AMAC
AMAC, The Association of Mature American Citizens, is the fastest-growing conservative organization in America.

AMAC believes in - and stands up for - the values that have made America great.; freedom of speech and religion, equality of opportunity, the rule of law, securing our borders, and the sanctity of our Constitution. AMAC fights against reckless government spending and the ever-expanding scope of the federal government. In addition to advocating for their 2.3 million members on Capitol Hill, AMAC also offers a robust selection of consumer discounts and benefits.

About DrOwl
DrOwl is a HIPAA-compliant platform used by both patients and providers to empower people to better understand their health. Healthcare records belong to the patient. Patients can access them for free on DrOwl and learn more about their health. Connect to thousands of medical providers, including Medicare and Medicaid, and receive a combined health report summary that can be shared with caregivers, providers, and family. One health record, infinite uses.

DrOwl uses interoperability and metadata to help providers improve care and reduce costs. The platform has interoperability with most EHR systems and requires minimal resources from providers and payers. Harness the power of AI to generate population health metadata from patients' health records with the ability to look at patients by conditions, medications, and demographics, inside a powerful analytics dashboard that can help better understand patient populations. DrOwl helps providers meet Cures Act requirements, with one portal for the delivery of EHRs to patients.

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