Jorge Arevalo Shares Three Thoughts on How eCombustible is Set to Change the Energy Sector
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Jorge Arevalo Shares Three Thoughts on How eCombustible is Set to Change the Energy Sector

Monday, October 18, 2021 12:00 PM
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MIAMI, FL / ACCESSWIRE / October 18, 2021 / Today, nearly 90% of global emissions come from fossil fuels. These environmentally destructive fuels power and charge our industries and energize our transport. In order to position ourselves for a future where emissions are considerably lower than they are today, it is imperative that businesses and industries start making the necessary changes.

Jorge Arevalo, CEO and founder of eCombustible Product Holdings, an innovative fuel supply company that produces customized hydrogen-based fuel that fully replaces fossil fuels, spent over ten years of his life educating himself and digging into renewable energy alternatives. After endless research and tests around using hydrogen as a fuel, he realized that certain forms of hydrogen energy could still produce large amounts of carbon emissions when being produced by fossil fuels.

"Renewable energy has provided the groundwork, but to meet net-zero emissions targets, we need to go beyond this and make the transition to 100% carbon-free fuels. That is where eCombustible fuel comes into play," says Jorge Arevalo.

One of the main benefits of eCombustible is that it is the only 100% carbon-free fuel in the world that can replace fossil fuels and reduce your company's industrial CO2 emissions to zero or near-zero, while simultaneously producing significant amounts of oxygen as its only byproduct. And because the fuel can be customized to the operational parameters of the customer's equipment, eCombustible requires little to no modification to existing equipment, allowing it to be easy to adapt and more affordable than current renewable energy options. As we look to change the energy sector for the better, Jorge Arevalo shares three thoughts on how eCombustible will play a critical role.

Energy Security

Two of the major problems facing our global economy revolve around energy and environmental security. Fossil fuels are confined to a few regions of the world and the continuity of supply is governed by dynamic political, economic, and ecological factors which all come together to play a huge role in the distribution of the fuels.

With the case of eCombustible, this hydrogen-based fuel can be easily and safely stored, especially when compared to other hydrogen alternatives.

"The custom-calibration of eCombustible modules is an additional way we lend energy security to our users," says Jorge Arevalo. "As an onsite and on-demand fuel supplier, we can eliminate organizations' need for long term storage, as well as the existing supply chains to source fuel."

Public Health and Environment

Current air pollution levels in the United States are high enough to negatively impact both the environment and the general health of the public. The emissions that are released from fossil fuels cause damaging results, whereas eCombustible fuel is 100% carbon-free and as such, can help stop and reverse the negative impacts of fossil fuels.

"While in some cases, hydrogen fuel works as a complement to other existing fuels, eCombustible is different," says Jorge Arevalo. "We have developed a technology that can serve as the replacement for all fossil fuels in heating and combustion applications."

As the use of fossil fuels across industries accounts for about one-third of U.S. carbon dioxide emissions, the use of hydrogen-based fuels has the ability to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


The search for a highly efficient, environmentally responsible fuel replacement has been an obsession of businesses, innovators, and environmentalists for decades. eCombustible has the ability to produce larger amounts of energy for every unit of fuel compared to any fossil fuel, placing it in a league of its own.

"The overall efficacy of eCombustible is that it has the unique potential to make the entire energy process more efficient and will prove lucrative for the economy," says Jorge Arevalo. "eCombustible is at the forefront of this developing technology, with customizable calorific value that can be tailored to any thermal application that relies on fossil fuels as a primary energy source."

As the use of carbon-neutral solutions increases and technical advances are made globally, the world is looking at a future that is much more sustainable. By continuing to build partnerships between companies, corporations, government, and non-profit organizations, the use of eCombustible fuel has the potential to be the core foundation of a sustainable energy economy while also being the most carbon-neutral source of energy available.

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