The First Blockchain-Based Same Price NFT Marketplace Is Here
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The First Blockchain-Based Same Price NFT Marketplace Is Here

Wednesday, October 20, 2021 12:00 AM
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TORTOLA, BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS / ACCESSWIRE / October 20, 2021 / In recent years, the gaming industry is witnessing the rise of the Play-to-earn (P2E) model as developers are starting to embrace the concept of open economy. Among all the P2E titles, one has been capturing the attention of the community and that is DeFi Warrior.

Being one of the first games to implement the crypto galaxy concept, DeFi Warrior managed to raise $2.3 million in funds from notable investors, such as Signum, Hyberchain, and OKEx Blockdream Ventures.

DeFi Warrior also integrates a very diversified ecosystem which solves the purpose of creating a long-term experience for the community. What makes the ecosystem stand out is a feature called "NFT TWO DOLLARS", which is a part of the DeFi Warrior NFT Marketplace.

This feature allows players to propose their NFTs for sale. With the technology of blockchain integrated into the game, other players will be able to vote for the NFTs they wish to see on sale in the marketplace. As the 10 most voted NFTs are put on sale, each player will then have a chance to bring home one of the NFTs for just 2 USDT. The lucky winner will be randomly drawn with a highly reliable blockchain technology which is Chainlink VRF, a function that generates random and unpredictable numbers, so the result will be all transparent.

On Halloween night, 30th October, a special NFT released by DeFi Warrior will also be put on sale through the feature. Should the winner decide to put that special NFT on sale or hold it for the value, DeFi Warrior will commit to re-buying the NFT for at least 10,000 USDT.

At the beginning of its release, "NFT TWO DOLLARS '' will only allow the in-game NFTs of DeFi Warrior to be sold in the marketplace. The feature offers benefits to both the players and NFT owners, and will definitely be expanded so that it will become a NFT marketplace where NFTs from other projects can also be traded. This is important to the NFT ecosystem as a whole and to many crypto investors as well.

Speaking about the DeFi Warrior, Loi Luu, the CEO of Kyber Network, was very surprised at how dynamic the ecosystem was, including the marketplace. He believed it had the potential to be a game changer when it comes to NFT trading and contributing to the cryptocurrency market.

The gaming industry has reached a revolutionary milestone. With GameFi becoming trendy at the moment, both players and investors can expect it to become bigger than ever before.

About DeFi Warrior

DeFi Warrior is a Defi x NFT Play-to-earn game that was developed on top of the Binance Smart Chain. With an intriguing crypto galactic storyline and one of the most diversified features in the ecosystem, DeFi Warrior promises to deliver one of the most unique experiences to the gaming community.

DeFi Warrior will become bigger with the gameplay being improved, more features being added into the game, and more special events, such as the Mystery Box collection being launched on Binance NFT. Both the player base and the investors can expect exciting news coming from the project in the future.

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SOURCE: Hitech Horizon

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