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Disrupt 3rd Anniversary Bootcamp is Teaching People to Become Recession-Proof

Friday, October 15, 2021 11:50 PM
Disrupt Magazine

SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO / ACCESSWIRE / October 15, 2021 / In 2020, the global economy plunged massively because of the swift and massive effects of the coronavirus pandemic. According to the World Bank, the global economy shrunk by 5.2 percent in the previous year, representing the deepest recession since World War II.

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Countries that were severely affected by the pandemic suffered greatly, with individuals losing their businesses, filing for bankruptcy, or finding themselves displaced from their original occupations.

But as the virus slowly dwindled in several countries and economies rebuilding their status, people can't help but wonder for a solution to becoming more sustainable in the future should another pandemic or similar situation come to light.

Disrupt Boot Camp Mastermind, a coaching event that's part of the Disrupt Week aims to teach people that will help them become recession-proof in the future while scaling their business to greater numbers and improving the mindset of aspiring entrepreneurs as well as inspired individuals alike.

Promoting Recession-Proof Values

On October 22, the third-anniversary commemorating Disrupt establishment in Puerto Rico, the team will hold the Disrupt Recession-Proof Bootcamp. Oct 23rd In The event will be Spanish, with its capable team of experienced speakers and experts, Disrupt Recession-Proof Bootcamp will not only teach participants how to survive the pandemic, but they will also be taught how to thrive so they can take their careers to the next level.

Participants will be taught different tactics to conquer any economy and rise above the challenges that come with it. Among the topics that will be discussed include credit, cryptocurrency, marketing, and mindset.

The event's speakers will feature the CEO of Disrupt, Tony Delgado, Gaby Berrospi along with other members of the team such as Julio Domenech and Luis Jorge Rios to talk about how people can develop their business, leverage the power of the internet and technology, as well as improve their overall demeanor towards running a successful brand that can survive and dominate rigid economies.

A Foundation With A Noble Cause

Now on its third anniversary, Disrupt has come a long way to realizing its mission of increasing diversity in technology, using technology education to help transform underrepresented communities, and democratize the world.

Disrupt was established in 2018 when Tony Delgado, moved from New Jersey to San Juan, Puerto Rico, and began his humanitarian mission by leveraging his knowledge of technology.

Since then, Disrupt and its well-equipped members have been using their knowledge and expertise in business as well as technology to teach the people of Puerto Rico and other individuals who are eager to learn about the tricks of the trade.

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SOURCE: Disrupt Magazine

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