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Academy of Breath is Offering New Mindfulness, Meditation, and Much More Under One Roof

Friday, 15 October 2021 15:25

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / October 15, 2021 / Mindfulness, yoga, breathwork, and meditation are nothing new. They have been practiced by different people and different cultures for years. However, recently, people have been looking to these practices to help them make it through the difficult year and a half when people were stuck inside. Whether it was for their mental health or as a way to exercise when gyms were closed, these techniques are a part of many people's daily routines.

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One company that specializes in this kind of work is Academy of Breath, which is owned by Ava Johanna, LLC. The Academy of Breath is an 8-week breathwork and meditation certification for entrepreneurs, coaches, healers, and alternative health practitioners looking to extend their core offering with breathwork and meditation modalities for greater mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. They also equip their students with business strategy and resources so they can take their education around mindfulness, meditation and breathwork and build a sustainable online wellness business.

In addition to their normal classes described above, they have also released something new to allow people to build in meditation, mindfulness, breathwork, and yoga into their daily routines if they are tight on time: They are releasing a do-it-yourself guided online learning platform for all individuals who are interested in creating a daily breathwork and meditation practice. This six module course is meant to serve anyone who is seeking to learn resilience, reduced stress, greater physical and mental wellbeing, and the laundry list of benefits breathwork and meditation offer. Their goal with this introductory course is to get breathwork and meditation into every household across the planet, so they are actively seeking non-profit organizations to partner with to adopt a one-for-one model to get breathwork and meditation into the hands of marginalized communities that lack access to spiritual resources.

What Academy of Breath is trying to do differently is they are focusing on finding a middle ground between spirituality and science. They honor the East Asian cultures that cultivated these practices and also work with research to effectively communicate what's happening in the body and brain when consistently practicing.

Academy of Breath was created by Ava Johanna. Ava lived an incredibly stressful life. Between personal issues, monetary issues, and working day in and day out just to barely make ends meet at a job that was not appreciative of her work, Ava had more than enough stress to go around. Thankfully, a friend intervened and introduced her to yoga.

"I realized that there had to be another way to live and take care of myself; my body, my mind, and my energy were run into the ground. A friend pulled me to a yoga class and it was the first time I felt peace and a sense of fulfillment in my life. I dove head first into yoga, meditation and breathwork and realized that these practices were not just a "nice to have" for any humans, but needed to be non-negotiable, especially for those of us that have grown up being fed a culture of non-stop working, grinding and hustle culture," Ava explains.

Academy of Breath is excited to continue doing what they do best and expand their clientele to make sure everyone has access to the practices in mindfulness that they need. They are focusing on getting the introductory course for individuals that are seeking to learn breathwork and meditation without becoming a teacher to 1,000 students in the first six months. This will allow them to get meditation and breathwork into the hands of 1,000 more individuals when they partner with a non-profit organization and give a course for every purchase.

To find out more about Academy of Breath, you can check out their website here.


Paula Henderson
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SOURCE: Academy of Breath

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