Black Bird Biotech Announces Recent In-Field Use of MiteXstreamTM Have Reveled the Potential of MiteXstreamTM As a Biopesticide with Repellent Qualities
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Black Bird Biotech Announces Recent In-Field Use of MiteXstreamTM Have Reveled the Potential of MiteXstreamTM As a Biopesticide with Repellent Qualities

Tuesday, October 12, 2021 8:30 AM
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Black Bird Biotech, Inc.

FLOWER MOUND, TX / ACCESSWIRE / October 12, 2021 / Black Bird Biotech, Inc. (OTC PINK:BBBT), manufacturer of plant-based MiteXstreamTM biopesticide, announced today that, during recent in-field use of MiteXstreamTM, it has become apparent that MiteXstreamTM is effective in repelling certain pests, including grasshoppers and potato bugs, from plants. With EPA biopesticide certification already in hand, this recent result, which is still to be definitively confirmed by third-party testing, could provide MiteXstreamTM with a competitive advantage above and beyond its excellent cost-benefit qualities and "through the day of harvest" application ability.

Potential Impact. Based on the formulation of MiteXstreamTM, if effective as a repellent, BBBT hopes to be able to cause headlines like "Millions of Acres in West To Be Sprayed with Toxic Insecticides for Grasshoppers" [Source: BeyondPesticides.Org, July 21, 2021] to become a thing of the past. Should third-party testing demonstrate MiteXstreamTM to be effective as a grasshopper repellent, for example, MiteXstreamTM could, in effect, render toxic insecticides engineered to kill grasshoppers obsolete.

"These results are exciting, and formal testing must be done. However, MiteXstreamTM is showing itself to be even more dynamic than I could have dreamed when I developed it," said Fabian Deneault, President of BBBT. "The particular in-field results that lead to this revelation were potato bugs avoiding a planted area that had been treated by MiteXstreamTM and grasshoppers that avoided a planting of rhubarb that, over the years, had been wiped out by grasshoppers. And, amazingly, in one application of MiteXstreamTM on a choke cherry tree, no birds bothered the fruit, while an adjacent untreated tree's fruit was destroyed, as usual, by birds." Mr. Deneault also sated that third-party testing of MiteXstreamTM as a repellent would be arranged in the very near future.

Through, MiteXstreamTM is available for sale to customers located in Colorado, Oregon, Wyoming, Nevada, Montana, Oklahoma, Massachusetts, Kentucky and Delaware, with pending applications in all remaining states, except California, the application for which is nearing completion.

For news and updates, shareholders, prospective investors and prospective business partners are encouraged to follow @BBBT_Corporate on Twitter ( ). Also visit BBBT's corporate website, , for additional information about the company.

About BBBT

Black Bird Biotech is positioned to exploit market segments with powerful, re-imagined biotech products. Its EPA-registered biopesticide, MiteXstreamTM, eradicates mites and similar pests, including spider mites (a lethal pest in cannabis, grapes, hops, coffee, strawberries and many other agricultural crops), and eliminates molds and mildews. MiteXstreamTM is a pesticide, but it is not a poison - it's a pesticide re-imagined. The MiteXstreamTM Edge: use through the day of harvest without concern for residual "pesticide" violations, including in state cannabis testing. MiteXstreamTM is the foundational element of the company that carries vast potential worldwide as a highly effective, safe and extremely cost-effective replacement for many traditional "poisonous" pesticides.

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SOURCE: Black Bird Biotech, Inc.

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