Outsourcing: A Possibility for Small, Growing Companies without Deep Pockets
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Outsourcing: A Possibility for Small, Growing Companies without Deep Pockets

Monday, October 4, 2021 2:15 PM
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DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / October 4, 2021 / Many startups and young businesses face high costs that threaten to stifle their ability to take on new clients right when it's crucial that they grow. One of the biggest expenditures is labor, yet it is, obviously, the most important: if you don't have employees, your business will go nowhere very quickly. However, smaller companies do not have the money of an established corporation, so investing in additional staff presents a challenge. One option is perhaps the most controversial: outsourcing staffing needs to a country like Kosovo or India. Such nations are attractive to business owners because of their less expensive workforces, yet is investing in employees from outside the country a wise move for businesses? We asked Marigone Bordoniqi, a Kosovar who founded KS Outsourcing in New York City and Kosovo, for her insight into this human resources dilemma.

First Advantage of Outsourcing: An Increased Ability to Focus on Core Activities

When a company grows rapidly, as tends to happen in the early days of a new business, Marigone says, that can lead to unexpected problems, including the company's staff and finances being overwhelmed. "Typically, when a business is started, the duties of employees are set. Then suddenly, people find themselves taking on more and more responsibilities as the business grows, and this hurts the company's finances as productivity goes down. Outsourcing to a country like Kosovo can help you. Kosovo's workforce is highly trained, including in digital marketing, sales, customer service, and information technology. Those duties you are struggling to fulfill can be passed to a new team, and that can be a game changer for any business. It can be a great investment in your company because your staff can return to doing what they do best: their jobs."

Second Advantage of Outsourcing: Access to a Large, Educated, Affordable Workforce

A young business often has trouble attracting and paying for the talent it needs in order to grow. The solution might be found in countries where English is widely spoken and wages are low. Kosovo is one option, and its government's figures state that the country has Europe's youngest population, 53% of which is under 25 years old.

"Our workforce is young, motivated, and highly educated," confirms Marigone. "Kosovars speak English with an American accent, one that is nearly the same as that of native speakers. Our population is heavily influenced by the United States and shares similar cultural affiliations, so we can easily blend into the American style of doing business."

Businesses can enjoy significant savings by hiring workers through companies like KS Outsourcing because the Kosovar workforce is paid wages that are lower than those in America. "This is very attractive to new businesses because they can access the same depth of skills and talent but for less money," she says. "It is a wise investment that can pay off with a company's improved ability to manage its growth."

Third Advantage of Outsourcing: A Seamless Recruitment Process That Can Save Time and Money

Growing businesses normally do not yet have an HR department to recruit and onboard employees. This becomes even more crucial when they consider hiring employees in a foreign country. "This is overcome by staffing companies like KS Outsourcing," Marigone explains. "They do the heavy lifting by opening job notices in the Kosovo market. They will also review the applications, choose those that are most qualified for the positions, shortlist the best applicants, and send them to you for your final approval. The interviewees will come to the foreign office for in-person interviews, which you are typically invited to join via a videoconference. You will ultimately decide which candidates work for you, but the outsourcing company will handle the actual hiring process and provide office space and hardware for your employees. Recruiting, hiring, and onboarding your team normally takes between four to six weeks."

By outsourcing their staffing needs to Kosovo, Marigone explains, companies are spared the recruitment expense. "They can then invest those saved dollars into growing their business in the United States."

Fourth Advantage of Outsourcing: Have Your Team Be Under One Roof

Businesses often struggle to get their marketing team in touch with their sales team, but outsourcing can solve this. Once hired, Marigone states, teams work directly for their new employers, all under one roof. "With everyone working together, companies see increased efficiency and profits. It's an excellent strategy, as that improved ability to communicate and plan leads to stronger, faster results for your business."

The Takeaway for Businesses Considering Outsourcing

The world is rapidly changing, and with the Internet, outsourcing is connecting more businesses with a wider pool of potential employees. Investing in the skilled, affordable workforce in Kosovo and utilizing the services of a company like KS Outsourcing may be the right choice for business owners who are grappling with how to grow safely and wisely and to take their companies to the next level.

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