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Albert Boufarah Sheds Light on the Ongoing E-Waste Problem in the United States

Wednesday, 29 September 2021 07:50 PM


In the effort to address a growing environmental concern, Albert Boufarah takes the time to provide insight into how individuals and businesses can play an active role in saving the environment.

LAKEWOOD, NJ / ACCESSWIRE / September 29, 2021 / Albert Boufarah is the CEO and Founder of SAMR Inc., a premier electronic and computer recycling company based out of Lakewood, NJ. Recognizing the negative environmental impact of e-waste, Albert provides a detailed overview of what it encompasses and how it is impacting the planet. In a recent article he describes e-waste as "obsolete electronic devices" and continues:

"These items are typically anything with a battery or plug and include cell phones, iPods/mp3 players, computers & components (CPUs, monitors), power cords/surge protectors, laptops, printer & fax machine parts, stereos and speakers, microwaves, ovens, or any electric or battery-powered item that is no longer in use."

SAMR Inc. , Wednesday, September 29, 2021, Press release picture

Despite various state and federal laws, a significant amount of e-waste often ends up illegally dumped in landfills. Additionally, non-certified recyclers continue to send their materials overseas for processing.

"With technology advancing at a quicker pace than ever before, the need for proper e-waste recycling is imperative before the amount of unprocessed materials becomes unsustainable," Albert says.

Albert states that those who are concerned for the future of the planet can play an essential role in protecting it. He goes on to mention that Americans dispose of more than 80 million tons of e-waste annually, with most people completely unaware of their improper disposal habits. While it might be nice to have the latest technological devices, re-evaluating your need for new technology and repairing what you can are great first steps.

Those who are interested in learning more about how to reduce e-waste can access the full article here.

About SAMR Inc.

SAMR Inc. is an industry-leading electronic recycling facility based out of Lakewood, New Jersey. Specializing in secure data destruction, their team of experts ensures the proper disposal of all outdated or unwanted electronic equipment. Offering drop-off container programs and pick-up services, they take pride in providing clients with accessible solutions. With more than fifteen years of professional experience, SAMR INC adheres to the latest standards of proper e-waste recycling.

About Albert Boufarah

Albert Boufarah has always had a desire to be his own boss, forcing himself to learn the ropes of entrepreneurship at an early age. When he was younger, Albert owned a waste management company as well as a tree removal company. Today Mr. Boufarah is the CEO of SAMR Inc. located in Lakewood, New Jersey.

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Phone: 732-370-4100


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