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Def-2-Earn NFT Gaming Ramps Up As Knight War Readies For Launch

Saturday, 25 September 2021 03:10 PM

HANOI, VIETNAM / ACCESSWIRE / September 25, 2021 / Day by day, the gaming industry is growing stronger. What started years ago with 2-D animations and table-top games has grown to be gargantuan in size. With many blockbuster gaming franchises now becoming prevalent in everyday culture, the industry is at an all-time high.

Knight War, Saturday, September 25, 2021, Press release picture

Many industries are now gaming-adjacent - piggybacking off of the success of games to create their projects. Gaming franchises are now being converted into movies, toys, music, and much more, all making millions of dollars for their companies. The latest on the scene of gaming-adjacent technologies is NFTs.

Over the past year, NFTs have exploded into the mainstream crypto world. Although widely disregarded as a niche no one would need previously, people are now beginning to take serious notice. OpenSea, the premier marketplace for NFT trading has seen massive trading volumes with many people making thousands and sometimes millions from these NFT trades.

Knight War Enters The NFT Gaming Arena

Although primarily used to trade media, NFTs have now expanded into the gaming sphere. The success of many popular NFT games have allowed many people in different countries to make quite a lot of money. Following their success, many companies are now following suit.

A new game coming soon is set to be a strong contender. Knight War - The Holy Trio is a game set in a fantasy universe that will serve as the backdrop for the entire game. It upholds the Idle Defense game genres involving a war-like setup between Alliance and Demons forming defensive strategies providing revolutionary experience for gamers. Players will gain access to three characters; The Mighty Knight, The Sharp Archer, and the Clever Mage. Each character will gain access to a type of weapon depending on the player's preference.

Knight War, Saturday, September 25, 2021, Press release picture

These three weapons, sword, bow, and staff will be usable by any of the three characters but each class will play strongest when equipped with their class-specific weapon. For the knight, the sword will be his companion. For the archer, the bow will serve her well and for the fairy mage, the staff will be her best choice. Unlike other games which are character-centric, Knight war will focus the NFT aspect of its game on the character's weapons.

Players will gain access to a deeply customizable weapon system with the crafting of weapons from in-game items also available further down the line. Each weapon can be bought and sold on the marketplace, giving the game a play-to-earn trademark that many will find appealing.

Governed by an advanced ecosystem and world-class features, the 1st Def-2-Earn Game, Knight Wars is all set to capture the market with the upcoming IDO followed by an official game launch. The smart contracts are being audited by Certik to reinforce the security aspect in the Play2earn ecosystem. Knight War is anticipated to launch in the first quarter of 2022 and its Initial Dex Offering for KWS (Knight War Spirits) has been announced for the 26th of September.

Pay To Win Or Play To Earn?

The challenge with NFT games as well as with many other conventional games is that they quickly become skewed in favor of people with deep pockets. Making game progression available for purchase could make it very difficult for regular players to keep up with their richer peers.

It remains to be seen how this will play out for Knight War, but for the time being, they seem to have found a good balance with the planned features of the game. Players will be able to earn real-world money by trading in-game items on the marketplace. Also, the much sought-after weapons will be crafted using in-game items, essentially leveling the playing field for both sides. In addition to this, users will also be able to stake the game's token ‘KWS' to earn passive income, leading to a possible alternative for those who cannot obtain weapons.

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