Music Director Kim, Han-Jo Applying for His Music Patent with Blockchain-Based NFT Technology 'KOONG'
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Music Director Kim, Han-Jo Applying for His Music Patent with Blockchain-Based NFT Technology 'KOONG'

Thursday, September 23, 2021 9:25 AM
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SEOUL, KOREA / ACCESSWIRE / September 23, 2021 / Korea's leading music director Kim, Han-Jo has recently garnered much attention due to his application for the music patent with a blockchain-based NFT technology - KOONG. He has shown a trendy style of work in popular dramas such as Hospital Playlist and Replay series.

Interview with Kim about KOONG:

Since the early 90s, the biggest obstacles in the music market have been the issues related to copyrights and profit allocation. In the previous years, record labels and creators were required to share their profits from LPs, tapes, and CDs since creators did not know about music production and its distribution. So, they had no choice but to sign contracts with prominent producers and agencies under unfavorable terms.

These problems have created other issues such as illegal sharing of music files and using copying tools, posing a great threat to the rights of copyright owners and creators. That's why there is a high demand in hoping to see a platform designed to reward creators properly.

Director Kim, Han-Jo has observed these problems they're facing in the music industry as a professional producer for the last years. In his early career, he worked as a music producer for KBS's leading programs such as the Producers, Gag Concert, Happy Together, Top 10 Songs, Music Bank, and Immortal songs that generated public interest. After that, he has been recognized for his trendy work in popular programs both in and out of the country, such as Hidden Singer of JTBC, Replay series of TVN, Comedy Big League, New Journey to the West, Prison Playbook, and Hospital Playlist. He's well known to the public as Korea's best music producer while working as a music director in other movies and dramas.

For the last few years, he has been dedicated to developing the technology for copyrights after making a significant decision to innovate the music ecosystem. Finally, he has recently completed the application for the patent for methods designed to provide services on a platform server based on a blockchain-based NFT technology.

The platform created with this blockchain-based NFT technology is 'KOONG.'

As a two-way music platform designed to provide convenience to musicians, 'KOONG' utilizes a system equipped with NFT technologies that protect copyrights and copyright ownership in order to block music leaks and illegal downloads. In addition, an automated platform settlement system distributes profits to copyright owners without errors in a transparent manner. Above all, once the creative music is registered on the platform, an NFT is created to help sell them. Also, this allows the user to purchase other creators' music.

Music director Kim, Han-Jo said, "We have more than sixty thousand famous drama and music soundtracks that will be newly created with NFT technology and traded on the KOONG Platform."

He also added, "Since many famous composers can upload their music in real-time every day, we come to have the amazing content power that no other platforms can own. We will gather talented global artists on the platform where their music content is freely distributed to develop an ecosystem where copyright owners receive reasonable profits for their music."

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