Terminus CEO Victor AI at CLSA: A Future City is a Moveable Feast
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Terminus CEO Victor AI at CLSA: A Future City is a Moveable Feast

Thursday, September 23, 2021 3:30 AM
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HONG KONG, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / September 23, 2021 / Victor AI, Founder and CEO of Terminus Group, was invited to CLSA Investors' Forum, where he shared the company's vision of a future city - AI CITY, and elaborated on the concept of "mobility, sustainability, and opportunity", three key elements of a future city, using the company's recent partnership with Expo 2020 Dubai as an example.

CLSA Investors' Forum is one of the most influential investor events in the world. This year's forum welcomed over 1,400 industry experts, corporate executives, and scholars from more than 500 world-leading associations, enterprises, and institutes, including the co-founder of Apple - Steve Wozniak, and CSO of Tencent - James Mitchell, to name just a few.

Terminus' understanding of a future city echoes with Expo 2020 Dubai's three major themes - mobility, sustainability, and opportunity. ‘By incorporating new-generation AIoT technologies, the company aims to alter futuristic urban development and provide people with exquisite lifestyles,' stated Victor.

Founded in 2015, Terminus has turned into a world-leading AIoT company over a short period of time. In 2020, the company was chosen by Expo 2020 Dubai as one of its premier partners and the only premier partner from China, alongside global tech giants such as Siemens, Cisco, SAP, etc.

According to Victor Ai, Terminus' collaboration with Expo consists of two phases. For the first phase of the collaboration, Terminus will provide Expo with its comprehensive AIoT technologies and solutions, including 152 programmable robots which will support the 6-month long event, providing services such as sterilizing, catering, etc. Following the Expo, Terminus will work with Expo and D2020 special zone and build up a future city in Dubai. The city will be the first-ever smart city in the Middle East. It's the company's goal and ambition to help Dubai become an industry-leading technological hub in the region.

In fact, from Canada's Sidewalk to Toyota's Woven City, and from Saudi Arabia's NEOM to America's Denver, the world has been exploring pathways towards futuristic urban development powered by new ICT technologies. According to data from Grand View Research, the market size of global smart cities is expected to reach $676.01B by 2028, achieving a CAGR of approximately 29.3%.

Mobility: comprehensive architecture that enables end-to-end data flow

Derived from the idea of designing a city like designing a smartphone or a smart vehicle, Terminus AI CITY Operating System (TACOS) is a city-level operating system independently developed by the company, believed to be the cornerstone of the future AI CITY. TACOS links the scenario-based smart urban infrastructure in a city with the new urban technology services enabled by the company's AI SaaS clouds. Resembling iPhone's IOS, or a smart vehicle's CCM, TACOS, as a central operating system, makes it possible to manage the data flow between different modular components within the city, resolving problems such as lack of data synergy between different scenarios - a problem frequently experienced in previous smart city solutions.

According to Victor, TACOS provides 4 different versions targeting different city scenarios at scale and has been deployed in over 100 cities across the globe so far.

Sustainability: quick deployment of multi-scenario application to achieve carbon neutrality

One of the 15 AI SaaS clouds developed by the company focuses on energy. Powered by TACOS, Terminus' energy cloud enables the sustainability of scenarios including community, park, business, tourism, manufacturing, construction, etc., ultimately contributing to the possibility of a carbon-neutral future. Victor believes that sustainability is not a business of a single player. He claims that the company will join hands with its supply chain partners to promote the sustainable development of the entire industry.

Opportunity: to create an open ecosystem platform and enable countless innovations and possibilities

Just like a smartphone operating system breeds millions of developers and applications, Victor believes the low-code and atomization features of TACOS make it possible for developers to quickly adapt to the system and develop relevant city-level applications. The enormous ecosystem bred by the platform will give a breath of life to an ever-growing AI CITY.

According to Victor, over the course of past 6 years, Terminus Group has been developing at an unprecedented pace. Up until this point, the company has deployed over 9,000 projects around the world and serves the population of over 90,000,000. The first phase of AI CITY by Terminus has already been deployed in Chongqing, China in 2020. Victor believes that with the complete digitalization of urban infrastructure, more urban technology services will be stimulated, resulting in the comprehensive development of cities, and benefiting everyone who lives in a future city.

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SOURCE: Terminus Group

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