Crypto Gaming United (CGU) Brings People From All Over The World Together To Build A New Virtual Economy
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Crypto Gaming United (CGU) Brings People From All Over The World Together To Build A New Virtual Economy

Wednesday, September 22, 2021 11:00 AM
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Crypto Gaming United

MINSK, BELARUS / ACCESSWIRE / September 22, 2021 / An expert in the cryptocurrency field, Sergei Sergienko is perhaps best-known for the enterprising HR blockchain project Chrono.Tech which is based in Sydney, Australia. His new enterprise is known as Crypto Gaming United (CGU).

Sergienko gives the NFT gaming world a new boost by reducing a $2000 entry cost to zero. Now, players from all over the world are joining in and making money from playing the game.

About CGU

In introducing CGU to the world Sergienko explains:

"I have always adhered to the principle that people should be paid cryptocurrency for the time they spend working. That was the basic principle of the Chrono.Tech start-up. And when we added a game section to the system, the growth was insane - our traffic tripled."

Players who previously would have needed to pay $2000 to join an NFT game can now play for no outlay. The concept - called ‘Play-to-earn' - has been launched first in the Philippines and Russia. It differs from other NFT gaming platforms in that the player does not buy a character. Instead, the superhero characters are hired out to the player.

The game itself runs on Android devices and players earn crypto for their time spent playing. There is also a training course that players can follow to enable them to improve their play and earn more.

Where has Investment Come From?

Investment into CGU has been from venture capitalists MHC Digital Assets led by Mark Carnegie, a Blockchain Assets fund headed by Ian Love, and from Sergienko. The initial investment totalled $5million. The aim is to increase teams and players to become the number 1 NFT gaming platform.

Economics of the Game

Players are able to start earning immediately. A starter player may earn around $15 per day. Some players are achieving $200 a day. From this total is taken 55% which is split between maintenance and infrastructure and the investors. The player gets the remaining 45%.

After two months trading CGU is earning $5.5million. Players are currently in countries in the CIS, in Asia, and in Africa. Sergienko hopes to give people in third world countries an opportunity to earn extra money.

Time is the New Economy

In explaining his philosophy Sergienko quotes Elon Musk: "Time is the most valuable currency'. He goes on to state that this is his chosen philosophy for CGU and all his projects.

Sergienko believes that in a world of zero interest rates in most countries - with many enduring negative rates - investing in cryptocurrency is something that everyone should be considering. New funds have been entering the crypto market in recent times thanks to this zero-interest phenomenon.

With the most popular and successful NFT projects growing at a rate of tens of percentage points and, in some exceptional cases, hundreds of percentage points, Sergienko explains that cryptocurrency is the basis behind what he calls the ‘New Time Economy' in which people are valued for their time.

Having received a $5 million investment during a seed funding round in 2021, CGU are well equipped to expand to other countries in parts of Africa and Asia and capitalize on gaming guilds in the future. CGU is currently finishing up their pre-IDO plan to raise $10,000,000 and getting ready for the IDO public token sale in October.


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SOURCE: Crypto Gaming United

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