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Innovative solutions for DeFi ecosystem will be enabled by P2P Finance in partnership with Charli3

Wednesday, September 22, 2021 12:35 PM
P2P Finance

CHARLI3 will be providing decentralized price feeds within the P2P FINANCE ecosystem.

VICTORIA, SEYCHELLES / ACCESSWIRE / September 22, 2021 / This week, P2P Finance, the first DeFi Ecosystem on the Cardano blockchain that incentivizes user activity and platform growth, signed a strategic partnership agreement with the first decentralized oracle network for the Cardano blockchain, Charli3. This partnership will allow the P2P Finance team to focus on developing their key products which bring passive income to the users. One of the key benefits of the partnership is that there is no more need for using P2P Finance's own oracle to ensure de-centralized liquidations for crypto borrowers and margin traders - a decentralized price feed from now will be received from Charli3.

P2P Finance, Wednesday, September 22, 2021, Press release picture

Moreover, Damon Zwarich, CMO of Charli3, has joined the advisory board of P2P Finance to share his expertise. Having a diverse marketing and academic background, Damon is leveraging those skills in a blockchain consultancy. His interprofessional collaboration and research experience are rare assets that are not seen very often in the industry. P2P Finance Team believes that being a top-level marketing executive with various contacts in Cardano ecosystem projects, Damon will contribute to future partnerships and open doors within his network.

According to Damon, "P2P Finance's function aims to stabilize a world of crypto, where volatile market fluctuations play on traders' emotions and impact their financial decisions. This leads to a vision and goal of building a cohesive ecosystem to benefit the regular investor - which is a needed and exciting corner of Defi. Community and individual focus is a cornerstone of Cardano, as well as my own function within the crypto space, which is why I am so excited to help P2P Finance succeed on their journey".

"The development progress is coming in and we see that our roadmap is long and challenging. The partnership with Charli3 allows us to focus on the benefits of the platform to the users and community. We are very happy that we found a solution to be able to speed up the progress and mitigate the risk of delays", said Christof Waton, Founder and CEO of P2P Finance.

To further strengthen its technology development, P2P Finance collaborates with a team of experienced Haskell developers to ensure an effective partnership with Charli3 oracle network and others. The team that has already been working on Charli3, and P2P Finance believes they can get more smart contract developers involved to speed up the process.

"Haskell developers are hot in the market now and we engaged with the developers that have already proven records that they can deliver. At this stage, we are not revealing who they are due to the sensitivity of the information and the project specifications involved. However, we are happy with the experts' competencies and will provide weekly write-ups to the community on the development progress and are looking forward to open the staking github repositories to the public by the end of this month.", said Founder and CEO of P2P Finance, Christof Waton.

The next milestone is planned for September the 30th when the first version of progressive staking smart contract is expected. This will be a working version with the simulated blockchain to ensure the functionality of the code to be correct.

P2P Finance has recently updated their website and white paper, highlighting the features and solutions they are offering and the roadmap. The team will keep providing further status updates on the development process.

About P2P Finance
P2P Finance is the first DeFi Ecosystem on the Cardano blockchain that introduces affiliate incentives and brings transparency by utilizing decentralized price feeds to execute liquidations for margin traders on P2Pswap. Every action on P2P Finance is audited by partners and performed on the Cardano blockchain.

About Charli3
Charli3 is the first decentralized oracle being built on Cardano. This allows Charli3 to have all the benefits of existing successful oracle protocols, while having the flexibility of a much more agile blockchain backbone. System proven features of Charli3 include: multi-oracle node consensus, forced node staking, utilizing the native token, multiple redundant oracle networks, a trustless network of systems to prevent Sybil attacks, aggressive node reputation and validation.

Christof Waton
Founder & CEO P2P Finance
[email protected]

SOURCE: P2P Finance

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